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December 10th 2013
Update Local SEO Plugin and Conversion Reviews

The end of the year already approaches! At the end of the year, Yoast has several new exciting products and services to release and announce! Last week we released an update of the Local SEO plugin (with some new functionality)! As of January, Yoast will start offering Conversion Reviews.

Local SEO Plugin: Store Locator
Yoast released a major update to our Local SEO plugin. This new version has some new functionality; most important is the new store locator option. This option is especially handy if your company has multiple locations or your brand is sold in many different stores. The store locator will allow customers to easily find the nearest location of your company. Customers can fill in their home address and a list of the nearest locations of your company will appear! Check out the new functionality and buy the Local SEO plugin!

Are you wondering why you are not selling more of your products? Want to increase review will be a clear and to the point report showing you what you need to change, your conversion? As of January 6th Yoast will offer Conversion-Reviews. The conversion-review will be a clear and to the point report showing you what you need to change, what to change it to, and why you need to change it. All of our recommendations will be backed up by (scientific) articles, which we will also share with you. The conversion review will give you more understanding what drives your visitors to buy your products. And better understanding your visitors will result in more conversions!

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See you soon!
Team Yoast