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Howdy Friend, 

You don't have to wait for someone from outside to come in and save your town. You have the choice to act to shape the future of your town.

Here's where you should start: downtown. Start with downtown. 

Here's one idea: a Pop-up Fair.

What is it? It’s a festival of local businesses, artists, direct marketers, home-based businesses and others who have neat stuff to sell, creating pop-up temporary businesses right on your downtown sidewalks, just for one day.

Like an old-fashioned sidewalk sale, but with a decidedly new feeling of life and interesting new vendors. Rather than boring old tables and clothes racks from stores everyone knows all too well, we're talking new and different mini-stores that pop up right on the sidewalk with shelves and displays and interesting items for sale.

You are welcome to take that idea and just run with it. But I know you're much more likely to follow through and actually do it if you get support step by step. So that's what Deb Brown and I are going to do.

We're sending out four weekly emails guiding you through the process. You can always hit reply and ask questions, and we'll come up with answers. We're charging for it because we know that, too, will make you more likely to stick to it and actually follow through.

You know that if you'll take this idea and actually do it, you'll kick off a run of good things for your town. It's small enough to do in a town of 300 people, but flexible enough to scale up to big small towns and neighborhoods.

So if you're ready to shape the future of your town, head to

Don't wait too long. The sales close on June 15, 2015, and then you'll have missed it.
You can shape the future of your community, 

PS - There are more details here,, but you can also hit reply and ask me any questions. 

Last week I closed with a thought from Kevin DeShazo that seems more relevant than ever: 
"Don't fight against those across from you. Fight for those next to and behind you."


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