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Don't Wait

It isn't going to happen. 

That scenario where a perfect church plucks you from obscurity and hires you for your dream job. We all have played that scenario out and pined as we watched peers live it out. Stop waiting because it isn't going to happen. 

We wait on someone to give us permission. It isn't coming. 

It may have worked that way before, but it definitely doesn't happen that way anymore. 

As you sit and wait/whine/pout/compare you are missing the opportunity to take another step in your calling.

See your calling is never fully developed. This development does not depend on your job title or experience. Nor is this development outsourced to others. You are stuck with it. 

So stop waiting and start owning your calling.

There has never been a better time in history for us to grow as pastors and leaders. The work of the Holy Spirit is the constant source that we all need. The community of mentors and co-conspirators has always been the variable. When has there ever been a better time than now in our hyper connected world to develop a community. All that is standing in the way is you. 

Your willingness to step out is the issue. You will need humility and patience and a willingness to truly serve the community, but the opportunity is right there.

So stop waiting and start doing.

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