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If you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ll have seen a few changes around branding and service offerings.
One thing that hasn't changed is my mission. It’s this:

I positively influence corporate leaders to think and act with full integrity and create legacies that reflect brightly on them and empower others to do the same.  

One of the core ways that I do this, and have always done this, is by imparting my passion, understanding and expertise in the area of communications.
Demonstrating excellence in all aspects of your communications is the most important way for you to be able to establish credibility, manage expectations, influence your reputation and raise your profile.
When I work with my clients, it doesn't matter how elevated the position, how ‘big’ the issue, or how senior the person, communications strategy — whether overarching or a small detail — is always going to be part of our discussions.
And it’s always going to be my ‘secret sauce’ ;) and the secret weapon of any leader who embodies what I call Authoritas
I’ll keep working it too because I want those who are leading our big businesses and leading our country to truly be ‘fluent leaders’.
To borrow from President Josiah Bartlet from The West Wing, played by Martin Sheen, and written by Aaron Sorkin — communications heroes all: 

'I dream about a great discussion with experts and ideas and diction and energy and honesty'  

Are you with me?


Do you want to be a leader with Authoritas?

It’s time to get in touch to talk about how you can develop and display greater depth in your leadership authority — and create higher levels of trust, cooperation and personal accountability in your teams and organisation.


17 March 2015

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Jacquie Molloy guides senior leaders to develop and display leadership authority (what she calls Authoritas); helps Boards to discover the power (and imperative) of exploring differences of opinion through Debate; and shares the practices for personal authority, high-performing teams and cultural excellence with individuals and organisations so they can be Visible in all the right ways.
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