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Survived half term?

As you claw your way out from under the detritus of a week with the kids (or possibly someone elses kids) we’re already looking to the next month or so. Onwards and upwards eh?

Do you volunteer? If you do, we would like to say a big thank you to Oxfordshire’s volunteers, you do us proud! 

This week is Volunteering Week, and together with Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action we want to thank everyone in the county who's made such a difference over the last year.

Did you know that there are around 4,500 voluntary and community organisations in the county? This is a fantastic amount, so thank you for everything you do.
Fancy getting involved? There’s a dedicated website to help you do just that. You can find out more at

Sunny out? Must be exam season...

It is a truth universally accepted that the best weather of the year happens while you’re studying for exams. As if revision wasn’t hard enough already!

Fortunately our Oxme team have pages of info about staying on track for GCSE’s and A-Levels, as well as what to consider and what to do if your results aren’t what you expected. Check it out here. Best of luck!

Good weather, you sure about that?

We’ve had a few days of pretty extreme rainfall, with flash floods to (welly) boot.  The good news is, the Met office isn’t expecting any more of it, good news for our Emergency Planning team and Fire and Rescue service! But if it’s made you wonder what you’d do in a flooding situation go take a look at the Oxfordshire Flood Toolkit. It’s ‘brimming’ with good advice.

Find out more about the Oxfordshire Flood Toolkit here

News around Oxfordshire

Yellow Fish
Spotted a Yellow fish out near witney? Nope, it’s not a really lazy Banksy, these fish are actually helping save their real-life water dwelling friends from being poisoned or made ill by unsuspecting members of the public. Find out more
You can now recycle broken plastic garden furniture
Garden chairs knackered after the winter? Been out mowing and found a plastic toy that’s past its best? Now when you take them to one of our seven tips around the county they can go off to be recycled into a huge range of products from new garden tables and chairs to children’s school rulers. 

Looking to arrange care? Do your or someone you know need a little extra help to stay independent and active in your community?

Live well Oxfordshire: all the info you need to arrange care in one handy place.
Our Live Well Oxfordshire directory brings together over 2000 services and activities in one easy to search online directory. From residential care homes and care services to help you stay living at home, to transport services to get you out and about and new hobbies to enjoy.
You’ll find useful information and advice on a range of subjects – all aimed at giving you greater choice and control over the support and services you need.
Find out more
Witney carriageway resurfacing.
Yes, as well as road patching we do resurface roads! Around £650,000 will be spent completely resurfacing this 300m stretch of road as well as carrying out drainage improvements and kerbing and footway work. Find out more.
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