Science Vale Cycle Network Update


November 2020 - Issue No.4

Cycle and Pedestrian Routes to Milton Park, Harwell Campus and Culham Science Centre

Route 1 Won The Green Apple Award for
Environmental Best Practice

A recognition for innovative and sustainable practices to minimise carbon emissions and reduce environmental impact. These works were a collaboration between Oxfordshire County Council, Skanska, WSP and key supply chain member Fergal Contracting Company.
Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practices
I am pleased to announce that Route 1 has won The Green Apple Award for environmental best practices listed below:
  • The site compound, welfare facilities and offices have been powered by solar throughout the construction phase.
  • Design recommendations for unbound material, over more carbon intensive bound materials e.g. tarmac or concrete, have been implemented throughout the route, contributing greatly to carbon savings.
  • The bridge was fabricated using sustainable European hard wood timber, instead of more common hardwood from tropical rainforests. This sustainable timber had also a lower carbon footprint when compared to alternatives of steel or aluminium parapets.
  • Only recycled plastic way markers were used on the route and waste to landfill was minimised by re-using all excavated soil for landscaping.
  • The chosen route for the cycleway navigated existing trees and earthwork footprints to minimise tree clearance and prevent negatively impacting biodiversity. 
How we're getting on with the work
Construction completed.

Route 8G: Didcot to Culham Science Centre
New ramped cycle by-pass lanes at two build-outs on the High Street in Long Wittenham (at the Red Barn and at No 35 High Street).
  • Construction was successfully completed without any setbacks on 5 November.
Polite Request
We have observed that cars have already been parking on the new cycle-approach lanes and would like to ask everyone not to do so and allow cyclist to use the paths freely to safely bypass the islands.
Route 1 (B-K2): Wantage to Harwell Campus " Icknield Greenway" 
  • Construction of Route 1 was completed last week, with the exception of a few remaining bollards and signs, which are scheduled to be completed in the next few weeks.
  • Remedial work to improve latest issues with loose stones and uneven surfaces along Route 1 have been scheduled to start on Monday 30 November for 3 weeks.
  • Remedial work related to the Road Safety Audit will be scheduled in the next few weeks.
  • We anticipate the opening of the route w/c 21 December.
Please Note: whilst corrective work is ongoing and the path is settling, the majority of Route 1 will remain closed until completed. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone's patience.
Construction is near completion.

Route 3 (D/C): Abingdon to Milton Park 
Improvements to an off-road section between Milton Park and Sutton Courtenay (3D) and signage improvements along Drayton Road, Brook Street, High Street and Milton Road (3C).
  • Construction has resumed on 30 November following a 6-week pause on all activities due to sub-contractor testing positive for Covid.
  • A new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists linking the constructed cycle lane, connecting Milton Park with Abingdon, has been safely lifted into place at the beginning of November. For more details go to Milton Park installs new cycle and foot bridge linking to Abingdon and Oxford
  • Completion of section D and C (signage) is now programmed for 18 December.
Route 7A (A&C): Abingdon to Culham Science Centre 
Improvements to existing off-road tracks along Abbey Meadows and Barton Fields.
  • Construction of section A was completed on 19 November.
  • Construction on section C is still ongoing and was delayed due to sub-contractor testing positive for Covid and additional work to the path due to damages caused by a cyclist before the surface could harden.
  • Construction completion is scheduled for 2 December.  
Route 5 (G): Didcot to Harwell Campus
New stepped cycle track (approx. 900m) along Wantage Road, between Didcot Community Hospital and the B4493 Wantage Road Roundabout being constructed by Taylor Wimpey.

Construction is ongoing. In the past few weeks the work was carried out mainly in the north side of Wantage Road. The following has been completed:
  • Kerbing, pavement construction of the cycleway and footpath between the two Abingdon Crescent junctions.
  • Work to access drives, kerbing and pavement construction of the cycleway, layby and layby access path between Abingdon Crescent and Oxford Crescent.
  • Virgin Media diversion work.
  • SSE have advised that they will be commencing their alteration work over a period of approx.10 days starting 10 January 2021. They are required to notify residents and businesses in advance if any service interruptions that their alterations entail.
Construction completion is on track and programmed for end of March 2021.
Routes Currently in Close Down Stage
Route 3 (B1/B2): Abingdon to Milton Park 
Peep-O-Day-Lane path upgrades along Thames Water treatment facility (3B1), and between Drayton Road and Quarry Road (3B2) were completed in April and June 2020 respectively. 
  • The installation of remaining bollards have been scheduled for 7 December 2020. 
Route 6 (A/B): Didcot to Milton Park
Street lighting scheme along north side of Milton Road, Didcot (6A) and footway works at Foxhall Road and Station Road, Didcot (6B)

6A - installation of new street lighting was completed in May 2018.
6B - construction activities to convert the existing footpath to a shared use cycle/pedestrian facility
 was completed in March 2019.
  • Additional road markings, recommended by Road Safety Assessment, have now been installed.
  • Work to extend the height of one remaining sign on section 6B is due to be completed by the end of December.
About the Project 
To find out more about the project, visit our project page.
Note: latest information should be published by 4 December.
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