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We've had loads of entries to the Beacon Lighting Ballot and we can now announce that the entries chosen by our random generator are:
Brian and Sheila Pennington
Peter and Jan Clift
Sarah and Mick Ruane
Chris and Penny Healy 
Susan Sentence and Samantha Clunie
Caroline and Dale Parsons
Jayne and Kevin Johnston
Jean Moore
Tony and Sheila Ward
Maggie Lewis and Eric Fretten
Lucy and Thomas Cunningham
Katharine and Mark Horton
Keith and Beth Glazier
Anke Otto and Katja Klugman
Mick Jones (and Mrs Jones) 
Samuel White and Galina Vidinlieva
Helen and Gregory Conway
Patricia Lloyd and Karen Akers
Paul and Diana Steptoe
Allen and Delphine Fredericks
Congratulations to you all, and we'll be in touch with you via the email you provided. 
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