USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP2) 

CFAP2 has been created to extend the support enacted by the initial CFAP in May. CFAP1 ended earlier this month, and CFAP2 will provide an additional $14 billion for agricultural producers who continue to face market disruptions & associated costs due to COVID-19. Sign-up for CFAP 2 will begin Sept 21 through Dec. 11, 2020.  Get in touch with the local FSA service center to determine if this program is a good match for your farm. More info is available HERE

Some small- to midsized farms offer subsidized, or β€œcost-offset,” community supported agriculture (CO-CSA) shares to make them more affordable for low-income families. This aligns with the values of most CSA farmers: they want people of all income levels to be able to enjoy the delicious, healthy, fresh foods they grow.

Yet farmers also need to make a living. Little is known about the degree to which CO-CSA programs are profitable for farmers, or whether they can attract a sizable group of new customers. It’s also unclear how additional work farmers take on to make a CO-CSA program successful might detract from any potential benefits.

Researchers interviewed farmers in North Carolina, New York, Vermont, and Washington about their experience with CO-CSAs implemented as part of the Farm Fresh Foods for Healthy Kids study. Researchers asked farmers about the benefits and challenges of implementing the CO-CSA model, including their perceptions of its impact on cash flow and profitability.

Read the full article, Balancing Social Values with Economic Realities: Farmer Experience with a Cost-offset CSA, in the JAFSCD special Issue on More Than Value$ in the Food SystemThe corresponding author is Marilyn Sitaker.

Welcome to the Community Farm Land Trust's Virtual 2020 Farms Forever Fundraiser! 

We appreciate you joining us in community as we venture through this virtual landscape together. 

What does this virtual event look like?

In an effort to keep things simple, we will be sharing stories & celebrations with you throughout the week of Sunday, Oct. 11- Thursday, Oct. 15th along with our silent auction and donation ask. We will share as posts, pictures, videos through our social media platforms, Facebook/Instagram and collectively all in one easy place to find on our Facebook Event Page

Here are a few things to know prior to the event: 
  • Follow us on Facebook/Instagram for up to date info on our event. 
  • Follow our Facebook Event Page for news, auction teases, videos and more! 
  • We are opening registration early to our community in hopes of getting the maximum number of people to attend our auction and virtual fundraiser. 
  • We have tried to minimize our impact on local businesses this year by focusing our outreach towards individuals in our community for auction items. We have some great auction items that focus on food, farm, cooking, art, wellness and so much more.  
  • We will be releasing some items at the beginning of the week that will stay up throughout the duration of the event (Sun-Thurs).  We will also release new items on a day-to-day basis so be sure to check in daily so you don't miss something great.  
  • Please note we will pre-release several items the weeks leading up to our event that are time sensitive. 
  • In addition, we will host weekly giveaways for people that register early.  
  • Think about your bidding strategies early on and be sure to bid early and often in an effort to not let that special something get away from you. Think outside the box on higher price items to see if it is something that you might be able to share with a friend and distribute the cost between friends or family. 
  •  We will be allowing proxy bidding which means that you can set your highest amount on an item and the software system will incrementally continue to bid for you so you don't have to be glued to your computer all week.  
Auctria Logistics: 
Auctria is our online auction software program. This is where we host our online auction and as our guest you are able to bid on items either through our auction website, mobile app or the text to bid feature. (More info to come later on this!)
  • Register for our auction here(if you have already done so, thank you!) 
  • Be sure to have your account info ready when it comes time to bid. What to have on hand: 
    • Your Login Info 
    • Password 
    • And/Or Access Code  
  • Register your credit card info early so you are ready to bid on items of your liking as they come up! 
While we wish that we could be together physically and socially in community to celebrate the preservation of farmers and farmland in person, we thank each and every one of you for making an effort to show up virtually and give generously to our cause. With all the events of the past year weighing heavily on our minds and hearts, food security is at the forefront. Our mission is more important now than ever.  We appreciate your time and generosity during these unprecedented times.  
This lil piggy went the the market.  This lil piggy went home. Where are these cute lil piggies going? To register for the Farms Forever Online Auction...obviously. Be like these lil piggies & REGISTER TODAY! 
Register Now


Why should you register early?
  •  It's easy and only take a few minutes. Look at our simple registration form below and follow this LINK. 
  •  By registering for our event, you can donate to help support farmland preservation when we announce our event goes live and who doesn't want to help save farms? 
  • Pre-registered guests will be entered into our weekly giveaways!
  • We have early bird items that we will release that only pre-registered guests will be able to bid on! These items are time sensitive so we need to roll them out at the beginning of Oct.(Stay tuned for more info about these items.)  
  • You will be ready to go when our auction goes live so you can start bidding right away. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!
  • You will get notifications about the event & get previews of auction items!!

Also be sure to join our Facebook Event Page for all the Farms Forever action.
Register Now
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