Dear Instructors & Trainers,
Instructor & Trainer Licensing Fees

Last year we altered the policy 6.28 regarding Instructor and Trainer Licensing fees with the IBA. Instead of being held to a minimum amount of manual purchases annually, we implemented a significantly reduced flat fee ranging from $100-$450 based on your Instructor level and classes you teach.
Mixed Reviews

Many Instructors were happy with this new program and we received a lot of positive feedback, however lately we have received feedback from some Instructors who feel the new system is a disadvantage to those who have performed well in graduating students - we agree.
We have listened and restructured our fees.  Thank you for your feedback.

The Solution

We have come up with a new system that we feel is fair across the board. Here is how it will work:
  1. An Instructor renews their membership and pays FULL-licensing fees based on their Instructor level in 2012. (Some of you may already have paid this fee if you have renewed your membership in 2012).
  2. Throughout the membership year the Instructor graduates students from classes they teach. For each student they graduate they will earn back credit for those students.
  3. The credits will work as follows: $4 for every Access Student, $8 for every Fundamentals/Life Science Student, $10 for every advanced/specialized student
  4. These credits will accumulate throughout the year and will be applied to the next years licensing fee.  If an Instructor graduates 25 Access students they will earn $100 back (25 x $4).  If an instructor graduates 25 Fundamentals students they will earn $200 back (25 x $8), and so on…
  5. If an Instructor teaches more than one seminar they can use a combination of credits toward their licensing fee. (i.e a combination of Access & Fundamentals students.)
  6. All credits will be capped after the full licensing fee has been reached.
  7. The more students you graduate the less you pay- If an Instructor does not earn back enough credit to cover the full licensing fee, they will only pay a reduced rate based on their total graduates throughout the year.
Therefore, if an Instructor graduates sufficient students throughout the year- other than the first year, they will not have to pay the license fee for the following year.
Tracking Credits
Starting July 2nd 2012 you will be able to track the credits earned through your members area, under Account > Renew Membership.

In Support,

IBA Management

If you have any questions please contact

Yearly Licensing Fees Breakdown:

There are three tiered licensing fees, based upon level of 
Instructorship and which classes the Instructor or Trainer are certified to teach.

Level 1: BAT $100
If you only teach Access the fee is $100 annually.
Level 2: CBI/Life Science Instructor $200
If you are a CBI and only teach BodyTalk Fundamentals OR if you are an Instructor of one Life Science class, OR teach only one specialized course, the fee is $200 annually (which includes your licensing fees if you are also a BAT.)
Level 3: Advanced or Specialized CBI $450

If you teach BodyTalk Fundamentals plus ONE/OR MORE advanced BodyTalk Seminars, Specialized Courses or Life Science classes the fee will be $450 annually.
Credit System
Access Graduates: $4 per student
Fundamentals Graduates: $8
Entry Level Life Science Graduates: $8
Specialized Course Graduate: $10
Advanced Level Graduates: $10

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