15% off Comfrey Macerate and Ointment.  Clearance Sale on end of lines - huge savings.  Take part in WWF's Earth Hour on Sat 31st March. 
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March Newsletter

Hi,  I do remember saying last month, how good the February weather was, but March has just been stupendous.  We are definitely on for an early harvest of comfrey, but we do need rain now.  Last year we were a month early for harvest, it looks like we will be even earlier this year, so we have been rushing to get everything prepared to be ready. The pic shows how much Our comfrey plants 30 March 2012the crop has grown in just a month.
 We thought that we'd give you a great offer on our existing stocks of comfrey macerate and comfrey ointment. 15% off all sizes until 15th April.
Clary Sage Essential OilI have had some calls asking for information on Clary Sage essential oil this month, so we are highlighting it in  'Aromapothecary' below. We are still offering 20% off this oil until 31st March - so hurry and catch a great deal.
We are delighted to find an increasing demand for our own brand products and are streamlining our stocks to reflect this, enjoy some great bargains in our Clearance Sale, these are available only while stocks last. 
See below for information on WWF's Earth Hour tomorrow night.
Our spotlight this month is on Platform 22, check out the wonderful and diverse talents of  Emma & David Pattullo.
Your feedback is very much valued,  Thank you for your custom and support. 
Kind regards
WWF Earth Hour

Earth Hour
Saturday 31st March 2012

We have been shutting out our lights and all electric equipment here each year since this initiative started.  The WWF are one of our favourite charities and they have now built Earth Hour into a global phenomenon, uniting millions of people and organisations from all over the world to focus on protecting the planet that we all share.   Go dark for an hour tomorrow night or join in with the many organised initiatives that are taking place.  It is so easy for everyone to take part and do their bit - and this has never been so important.  Find out more here and sign up to take part.  More information on WWF here.

Burn a Natural Beeswax Candle for Earth Hour


Clary Sage (salvia sclarea)  This herb is found in Europe, Russia and USA and the flowering top and leaves are used in essential oil distillation.  It is well known for its euphoric and balancing properties and can be helpful for stress, anxiety and nervous conditions.  It is probably most used for women's health.  It can help balance menstrual issues such as cramps and can be regulating throughout menopause.  I have used it in client blends for childbirth, as it is calming and relaxing on the nervous system, analgesic and an uterine stimulant. It may also be helpful for asthma. Clary Sage has a distinctive herby scent, and it blends well with lavender, rose, jasmine and/or rose geranium for ultimate balance,and stress relief.  Be careful driving too soon after using clary sage as you may be drowsy and avoid alcohol, as it is has been found to promote nightmares when the two are combined. It is widely said not to use this oil in pregnancy or with oestrogen-dependent cancers.  Do not confuse the oil with Sage (salvia officinalis) as this has entirely different properties..

Emma and David Pattullo, Platform 22

Spotlight on .... Platform 22

This family-run pottery & coffee shop offers an intriguing blend of creativity and cuisine. Emma and David Pattullo show their range of hand painted ceramics and offer visitors an ever expanding choice of coffees, teas and chocolate as well as home baking and soups. The business opened in 2004 in Torphins, Aberdeenshire, and was founded on Emma’s skill as a ceramic artist. Over the years she has established a reputation for her sculptural work and hand painted commemorative wares including plates, teapots, mugs and jugs. This in turn led on to bigger projects producing bespoke tiles for interior decoration in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and fireplaces. Emma is always delighted to discuss clients’ design requirements over a cappuccino. Emma and David started out with a couple of cafetieres and have now plunged into new careers as barrista and barkeeper with the acquisition of a premises licence which allows them to offer fine Scottish ales as well as wines from around the world. The menu has also expanded and now includes soups and snacks as well as speciality coffees (Viennese, Arabic, Lebanese and Algerian) a wide range of teas including White Monkey Green Tea, Red Chai Clipper, Pu-erh and their own unique blend, Deeside Royal, a smoky brew inspired by the old Deeside railway which includes heather blossom! 2012 sees even more exciting opportunities, with the launch of an open-air market at Platform 22 and the development of their workshop at the Old Smiddy in Kincardine O’Neil.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm; Sunday: noon – 5 pm; Monday: closed. For appointments, reservations or enquiries tel.: 013398 82807 or email: mail@platform22.co.uk

New OJ Outlet
We are delighted to tell you that Thirteen Moons, Mill of Towie, Keith, Aberdeenshire, will reopen on Wednesday 4th April. Enjoy a wonderful unique shopping and eating experience

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