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We are pleased to have new stocks of organic essential oils of Vetivert, Cypress, Sandalwood, German & Roman Chamomile  See below for our uses for gorgeous Vetivert.  I couldn't be without it!
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Organic Vetivert Essential Oil

8 helpful uses for Vetivert

Known in India as the 'Oil of Tranquility'

1.  for stress & anxiety 

2.  for burnout & exhaustion
3.  for painful muscles & rheumatism
4.  helpful in menopause & PMS
5.  as a boost for tired skin
6.  minimising stretch marks
7.  to help with grounding & centring
8.  for insomnia

For using essential oils for specific medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist.


How to have an amazing and therapeutic bath

Its a great time to treat yourself - and this is the way to do it. For using essential oils safely in the bath it is best to use 4-6 drops and dilute them in a little carrier oil such as sweet almond, olive or sunflower.  Alternatively you can use a little milk or alcohol.  All these mediums help the essential oils to disperse in the water.  Place the oils with the dispersant of choice in your bath and swirl the water around to further disperse throughout the bath.  A warm bath will increase the amount of essential oils that penetrate the skin by as much as 100%, so no more than 6 drops are required.  You can use a single oil such as sweet orange or lavender, but I always like to blend a few to suit my particular needs at any given time.  I love the blend of roman chamomile (1 drop), lavender (4 drops) and vetivert (1 drop) -- soothing,de-stressing and gentle on skin, another is  cypress (2 drops), frankincense (2 drops) & sandalwood (2 drops).  It is good to keep the oil changing from time to time, to ensure optimum efficacy.   Our Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oils are already safely blended for use in the bath or on the body. If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist
Organic Soap Box - one

New Organic Gift Boxes

Just in time for all your Christmas Pressie needs - all ready made - an fantastic easy option that will be sure to please your loved ones.

We have a gift box for

organic bathtime,

organic skin soother,


organic soap
and more

Luscious Gift Box
With prices starting from only £12.40, they are great value for money

Organic Bathtime Gift Box

Let our organic gift boxes take the stress out of Christmas both for you and who you are giving them to - bursting full of exquisite organic scents. 

Organic Soap Gift Box - two

You can choose which organic fragrances the products have that you wish to put in your gift box.  We also have empty boxes that you can fill to suit your own individual needs.

Love Organic Gift Box - two

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