10% off at Ideal Home Show Scotland 24-27th May.   Do you suffer from headaches?  Up to 40% off selected hair & body products while stocks last.  20% off comfrey macerate.  New organic soap range coming soon. 
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Warming up nicely...

Hi, an extremely late comfrey harvest time approaches.  Comfrey by the riverWe scheduled in our first appearance at the Ideal Home Show Scotland, thinking we would nearly be finished our harvest, but guess what - everything always happens at once - its going to be hectic! Keep your fingers crossed for some dry days ahead.    20% off comfrey macerate while stocks last.

Our even bigger piece of news for you is that we are very, very close to launching our own hand crafted soap.  Lots of your favourite scents blends to choose from.  There will be lots of introductory offers for you to enjoy soon.  Our wide range of (human) testers have been giving some great feedback - thanks folks. 

Coming Soon - hand crafted organic soapTo make way for our new soap - and you are telling us that you prefer to buy our own products - we are moving away from offering other quality products alongside 
our own.  Enjoy up to 40% off these while stocks last 

New in stock, moisturising organic Palm Oil (from sustainable stocks), nourishing organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and luscious organic Coconut Oil (solid) 

10% off for you - when we see you at the Ideal Home Show Scotland this month- see details in our Spotlight.  .  

You'll always be up-to-date - we post new products and news, as it happens, on our Facebook page - click to 'like us' .  Your feedback is always welcome.  Thank you for your custom and support.
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Lemongrass Essential Oil

8 helpful uses for Lemongrass

1.  to disinfect the air
2.  stimulating for the digestive system
3.  for sports injuries, sprains & strains
4.  ulifting and energising 
5.  relief of headaches
6.  repelling insects
7.  in a footbath to refresh feet
8.  deodorising

excellent for use as an inhalation, use extremely sparingly on skin (never on sensitive) and always blend with a carrier oil.



Do you suffer from headaches?

Essential oils to reach for when you have a headache are lavender,  rosemary,  sweet marjoram, peppermint and eucalyptus.
When it is due to stress or anxiety, lavender is extremely soothing, either in an inhalation or a couple of drops gently massaged into the temples.  When the headache is due to mental fatigue, 
rosemary can be helpful as an inhalation or 2 drops in 10ml carrier/vegetable oil to massage in the temples.   When due to a cold or sinus congestion,  eucalyptus can be added to lavender and peppermint.  An inhalation of peppermint can be extremely restorative and it can be blended with lavender to increase the effectiveness.  A cold compress with a couple of drops of these oils on it can be very soothing on the forehead.  For a migraine headache sometimes scents and touch cannot be tolerated, but if they can, either a cold compress with 2 drops of lavender and peppermint or sweet marjoram and lavender on a warm compress at the base of the neck to help release constriction of blood supply..

NB always blend essential oils with carrier oils before application to skin.  Always consult a GP if headaches recur regularly or are severe..

Ideal Home Show Scotland May 24-27th 2013

Spotlight on ..... the Ideal Home Show Scotland

A wonderland of inspiration for your home!

From Friday 24th – Monday 27th May 2013, the award-winning Ideal Home Show Scotland will return to the SECC, Glasgow! Whether you have a substantial home project or want to add those finishing touches that make a house a home, the Ideal Home Show has everything you need!

With Seven dedicated show sections catering to every requirement and taste, this is the only place to visit when making your home ideal.

Make sure you visit the Ideal Woman section where you can indulge and relax with beauty treatments, browse the latest products and pick up hints and tips on this seasons fashion trends. Plus TV presenter  Amanda Lamb will be on hand with tips and advice!

Come and visit Organica J on stand W433 in the Ideal Woman section - as a subscribers you can claim 10% from us throughout the show

Book your tickets now through the Ideal Home Show website

Natural hand crafted beeswax candles

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