We are 15 years old this summer!  Celebrate with us with 15% Off All Orders placed from 6pm tonight until midnight Tuesday 18th August.  New stocks of Jasmine Absolute, Citronella and more just in.  Troublesome bugs and beastie bites?  -  aromatherapy blends that can help.  10 great uses for Tea Tree
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We are 15 years old -  15% off All Stock

Hi, we are delighted to celebrate our 15 years of business with you by giving all our subscribers a mega 15% off all stock from now until midnight Tuesday 18th August 2015.   Quote code  OJ15YEARS.  This is for on online orders, but if you prefer to give us a call on 01330 850257 just quote the code when you call.  (excludes wholesale orders) .Natural Beeswax Candles in Thyme and Lavender Plants

More new stocks just in - jasmine absolute, citronella essential oil, rose water, rosehip, evening primrosecoconut (solid)wheatgerm carrier oils are just in. 
I am delighted to present in our spotlight this month Your Best Foot Forward, Lynne is a very experienced therapist, with a focus on women and mother and baby.

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10 great uses for Tea Tree
(melaleuca alternifolia)

1. helpful for coughs, colds or flu

2. good for cold sores, warts & verrucae
3. can help with thrush & cystitis
4. can help clear the air from viruses when diffused.
5. useful for skin with acne
6. may help with athlete's foot
7. can ease insect bites
9. can act as an immunostimulant
10. may be useful against dandruff

Unlike most other essential oils, tea tree can be used in 1 or 2 DROPS neat on its own, but other oils need to be diluted in carrier oils before use on the skin/in the bath.  For using essential oils for specific medical problems always contact a qualified aromatherapist.


Bugs and Beastie Bites?
Part 1 - Its the time of the year when all insects and bugs are aplenty and we are spending more time out of doors than we probably normally do.  So firstly some oils you can use to repel insects - citronella, tea tree, peppermint, lemongrass, lavender , thyme.  A suggested blend to repel insects such as midges, flies etc is citronella 8 drops, tea tree 5 drops,  lavender 4 drops and peppermint  3 drops, put in around 30ml of water in a spray bottle and shake each time before use (avoid eyes).  If it is a few weeks before you use again, make up a new batch.  This blend can be used in an oil burner in a room to help deter insects, such as in the kitchen or 2 to 3 drops on a tissue or cotton wool ball.  Alternatively, if abroad and mosquitoes are the problem, I like to use the above blend with the addition of 4 drops lemongrass.  I usually make up around 5-10ml of this blend - just simply multiply the blend equally to make a larger quantity. Its easy to transport a 5 or 10ml bottle.  I take a 30ml spray bottle with me, and once abroad, I dispense around 20-25 drops into the bottle and fill with water - shake before each use (avoid eye) and refresh the blend every few days or when finished.  I can't go out in the evening without this blend, but it helps avoid unsightly and painful, itchy bites.    Next aromapothecary -  some suggested bite essential oil treatments.
 If you have a complex medical history/medications always check with your GP before using essential oils, or ask a qualified aromatherapist


Spotlight on...

Your Best Foot Forward

Placing Your Best Foot Forward.
I am delighted to announce I will be providing baby massage classes, baby Reflexology classes & Toddler Reflexology classes in Laurencekirk & Montrose.
For new mums and mums who cannot attend a class I also provide 1;1 teaching in your own home in south Aberdeenshire & Montrose. 
            I have spent many many years of studying and working with complimentary therapies. I have used these therapies successfully with people from the following charities The M S Society, CLAN & Future Choices. 
I will also be providing treatments including Reflexology, The Dorn Method, Foot Reading & Reiki to mums and women on a Saturday morning in my Stonehaven & Montrose practise.
I also provide Mother & baby Foot reading afternoons in your home. Intrigued? Visit my website to find out more. 
 Colour yourself Confident workshops are available on the 1st Sunday of the month at Encore in Fettercairn.
            For more information about the therapies on offer phone 07808 764712 or by email on lynne@yourbestfootforward.co.uk or by visiting my web – site www.yourbestfootforward.co.uk


The Bees Love Comfrey - Reflexology Balm

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