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Here is some extra sunshine..

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Geranium & rose soap and lavender & lavender flower soap is now back in stock.  Patchouli essential oil is now also back in stock.  See our 7 top uses for this wonderful essential oil below.
Summer Evening Balm
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Create your own aftersun skin soother - see our recommendations in 'aromapothecary'..

Our spotlight this month is on Stirling Health Food Store - they are offering10% off all Scottish Products as part of their summer Taste of Scotland - pop in and catch a good deal while supporting our local producers .

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Patchouli (pogostemon cablin) essential oil

7 helpful uses for Patchouli

1.  Irritated or inflamed skin.
2.  Reduce anxiety
3.  Fungal skin issues
4.  Suitable for sensitive skin.
5.  Eczema-prone skin
6.  Stress reduction
7.  Rejeuventating for mature skin

Always blend with a carrier oil for use on the skin


Create your own aftersun blend
I have had some people asking about blends for skin over exposed to the sun, or to replenish moisture after sun exposure.  Essential oils that can be helpful -  tea treelavender, roman or german chamomile, carrot seed, frankincense, peppermint.  Carrier oils to use: calendula macerate, jojoba, sesame and aloe vera gel.  If no further sun exposure is to be had, ie overnight -  St Johns Wort macerate can be soothing. One suggested blend would be 10ml calendula macerate, 10ml jojoba, 5ml sesame, 5ml aloe vera gel with 8 drops lavender, 2 drops roman chamomile, 2 drops tea tree, 1 drop german chamomile, 1 drop peppermint. Use on skin after sun exposure to re - mositurise, soothe, calm and protect skin.  For damaged or burnt skin always seek medical advice.

Stirling Health Food Store in central Stirling

Spotlight on .... Stirling Health Food Store

Come in and enjoy our 'Taste of Scotland' event, running from July until 2 September 2012.  We are currently offering 10% off all our Scottish produce & products.
Established in 1976 in Stirling, Scotland, our shop has more than 30 years of experience in the health food sector and are best known for our knowledge, customer services and competitive prices.
We have been supplying customers throughout Scotland., in Stirling, Falkirk, Alloa, Argyll, the Highlands and even abroad by mail order! We believe in being independent, supporting the local community and minimising environmental impact.
We sell ethical, organic, chemical free, natural, fairtrade, local, dietary foods and products.  You will find a great welcome in store, along with a professional service 

29 Dumbarton Road


New OJ Outlet

Stirling Health Food Store in Stirling
See 'Spotlight' above for more info.  I was there on Friday 27 July, as part of their fabulous 'Taste of Scotland' initiative along with IQ Raw Chocolate.  It was great to meet Josine and her knowledgable and friendly team.

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