20% off Green People products - 'til 8 October.  Beeswax Candles - a natural way to light up your life.  New  petitgrain essential oil now in stock. 
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Light up your life this autumn

Hi, A busy time, with a Trade Show in Glasgow and a stand at the first Scottish Smallholders and Growers Festival, which was great, despite the loss of the car keys (don't ask!).  Our beeswax
Beeswax Candlescandles have been incredibly popular lately and so here is some more information below, try our sweet orange heaven and lemongrass heaven now available across the range -  candlesheaven scent pot pourri or essential oil burner blend. A great gift combo for Xmas.

As Autumn goes through and the trees change here is a great offer to brighten the days -  20% off our Green People range of products until midnight Monday 8 October
Call us on 01330 850257, or place your order online   .

New stocks of Petitgrain is now available.  Often known as poor man's neroli (featured last month),  I disagree and find it very useful in its own right (you can find it in our Rose Heaven - an incredibly balancing and soothing blend).  See our top uses for this versatile essential oil below.

Our spotlight this month is on Dr Chris Fenn who is an outstandingly knowledgeable nutritionist and renowned speaker.

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Petitgrain Essential oil

What is Petitgrain useful for?

1.  Insomnia through loneliness.
2.  Uplift of mood 
3.  Stabilising skin - especially oily
4.  Refreshing and deodorising
5.  Comforting after illness
6.  Soothes irritability
7.  Calming for digestive system
8.  It blends well with many oils, such as lavender, sweet orange, rose, geranium

Always blend with a carrier oil for use on the skin


Why choose beeswax candles?
In days gone by, it was only rich people who used beeswax for the quality of the candle and the purity of the light - for ladies doing needlecraft - a must!  It is deodorising and so even the unscented candles will help clear a room of unwanted scents.  For todays  discerning buyers, it is a good choice to avoid synthetic additives and petroleum derivatives.  which can be  unhelpful for allergy sufferers.  Beeswax candles are also good for those with concerns for the health of their environment, air pollution, etc.  The beeswax is a excess product from making honey (protect our bees please).  We also choose to use cotton in the wick with no zinc added.  When the candle burns it goes slowly down as long as there is not a strong draft, this would give a highly decorative look -  think Italian restaurants, candle in a bottle - but it will burn faster.  By the end there should just be a small pool of wax left.  They should always be burned with something below them - a candle holder/container .  If your candle flame does become engulfed with  liquid wax, then just pour a little out into a kitchen towel for disposal and it will be perfect again.  Always ensure that you never leave a naked flame burning unattended, and be careful to keep them out of children's reach.
Dr Chris Fenn

Spotlight on .... Dr Chris Fenn

Chris is passionate about helping individuals understand how food affects their energy, mood and overall health. Her lively seminars and workshops are popular with corporate health promotion programmes and team building events. She is also a tutor for a new evening class, starting in October, organised by Mid Deeside Ltd . Her next public event is a 1-day course for women about how to lose weight, and make friends with food. If you have been on a diet (or several over the years) and lost weight, only to put it all back on again – this course is for you! The day will give you new insights about how to lose weight. Learn how to control cravings and negative self talk. Explore what type of eater you are, and identify your food triggers in a fun and effective way. For more information and to book your place .
For individual consultations, please email – eat4success@chrisfenn.com

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