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1. New Member Profiles

2. Week 5 in the MLL

3. Meet Claudette Wilmot

4. C-12 Shaft Winner

New Member Profiles are here!

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Week 5 in the MLL

By Connor Wilson

Week 5 of the 2013 MLL season is in the books, so it's time to look at how the pro teams are stacking up after a third of the season has been played, and many rookies have joined up with their teams.
The Top three teams in the MLL are all looking really competitive. Hamilton, Denver, and Chesapeake all look like playoff teams, and the season is still so young. Each of these teams have more wins than losses, and they have combined younger players and rookies with some more experienced guys to cement themselves as contenders. Each of these teams has also developed a tangible identity, and it's great to see some personality evolving for each franchise.
Then we get to the middle of the pack, and things get even tighter. New York looks strong, even though they sit at 2-3, and is working in some talented young players to their already strong roster. Charlotte is also 2-3, and is showing how successful an expansion team can be in year 2. Expect the Hounds to continue to gel and improve. Rochester also sits at 2-3, and while the Rattlers seem to struggle at times on O, their D is coming together, and John Galloway looks like one of the best pro keepers right now.
And then we get to to the bottom two teams, and we are greeted by surprise and expectation. People are surprised that Boston is 1-4 right now, and I'm in that camp. They have the talent, but they look predictable on offense, and step slow on D. It's not too late for the Cannons, but those days are approaching if they don't turn it around. Ohio is 0-4, and while this isn't a surprise, it's still a disappointment. Ohio really needs to pull together, find a leader, and right the ship. Otherwise the rest of the Summer is going to seem really long.
Keep an eye out for some HUGE games this week, and let's see if Boston and Ohio can get on track, and if Hamilton, Denver, and Chesapeake can STAY on track. In the MLL, anything can happen!

Claudette Wilmot, Jamaica Game Grower

When Jeff was given the opportunity to travel to Jamaica, it opened up his eyes to so much the world has to offer in terms of both life and sport. One of the great people he met along the way was Claudette Wilmot, our most recent Game Grower of the Month.

C-12 Shaft Giveaway Winner!

Time to announce the winner of our LAS Giveaway for the custom C-12 Carbon Fiber Shaft. Many entered, one lucky member won. Drum roll please...

Congratulations to... Dayton Wings! And congrats to all the second prize winners as well! Shoot us over your mailing address, and we'll hook you up.

LAS Giveaway: All Charge Up!

This week's LAS Giveaway winner will receive a pair of lacrosse gloves that haven't even hit the shelves yet. Here's a hint: Maryland would have worn these babies if they had beaten Cornell. Good luck! Click here to enter the giveaway.

The deadline to enter is Monday, June 10th.

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GOOD NEWS: This Members-Only offer has been extended through July 1st!
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