June 2013

Welcome to A New Chapter

Welcome to the first of our occasional newsletters about our work on public libraries. Since we published our report A New Chapter: public library services in the 21st century, a discussion paper and factsheets in May last year, we have been discussing how we can contribute to ensuring that public libraries contribute most effectively to promoting the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Introducing our new Carnegie Associate 

In our report we argued that while public libraries enjoyed a high level of public support, there was no generally agreed way of measuring the value which public libraries add to individual or community wellbeing. We argued that it was essential to develop ways to demonstrate this more clearly. Following publication of the report, there has been general support for this argument. However, it is also clear that there is already a great deal of evidence about social impact which has not been used as effectively as it could have been to advocate for the future role of public libraries.

Christine Rooney-BrowneWe have decided this year to try to pull together the evidence on the social impact of public libraries to produce a simple advocacy tool. To achieve this we have appointed Christine Rooney-Browne to work with us and others as a Carnegie Associate over the next few months. Christine comes with an ideal track record in this field, as she is currently completing a PhD at Strathclyde University on measuring the social value of public libraries.

You can contact Christine and find out more by emailing

eDay at Gateshead Central Library with Maker Space

eDay at Gateshead Central Library with Maker Space.

Further information

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Andrew Carnegie International 
Legacy week

There is an exciting week of events in the Scottish Parliament in mid-October which includes a seminar on public libraries with the title ‘Re-imagining Carnegie’. Speakers are not yet confirmed, but more information will be available on this Scottish Parliament website.

Dunfermline seminar

We are excited that Nate Hill from 4th floor, Chattanooga Public Library is coming to Dunfermline in late September to lead a seminar on their cutting-edge work in the area of digital skills development. The provisional date is Wednesday 25 September.

Enterprising libraries

We want to find out more about the way public libraries can contribute to supporting access to employment and enterprise by learning from a small number of specific innovative approaches or projects in this area.

We will work with three case studies which are developing work in this area, and will include promoting small-scale enterprise in library settings, as well as exploring the potential for libraries to develop creative spaces in which young people can develop digital skills which may be essential for improving their employment opportunities.




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