March is crazy animal month at The Recordist
Thunderstorm 2 HD Sound Effects Library

March is crazy animal month at The Recordist

Save 50% on Pigs HD SFX ($15.00). Use coupon code: THISLITTLEPIGEE

Want some insane baby pig squeals and screeches? This collection has them and more. Growls and wacky vocalizations from baby pigs. Create awesome creature effects with this set. Also included are large pig grunts, snorts and breaths recorded on a muddy farm field. Original release date: October 26, 2010.

Updated: April 12,2013. Additional large pig sounds were added. Lots of heavy grunts, snorts and sick sounding feeding sounds. Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH-8040 microphone at feeding time. Pigs are always hungry and they fight and struggle with each other to get to the slop even though they are all buddies. This made for some interesting chewing and vocal noises as they positioned themselves for the feast at the food bar.

Save 20% on Devil Dog HD SFX. ($40.00) Use coupon code: DEVILMADEMEDOIT

The Devil Dog sound effects library just passed 23,000 plays on Soundcloud. To celebrate the freaking out of all those listeners you can grab the total insane sounds from Dixie's dream space.

Dixie is a very special deaf English Bull Terrier with an amazing vocal ability that is unlike anything I have ever heard. She is loved and cared for by some friends of mine and they graciously allowed me to come to their home and record her. The Devil Dog HD Professional SFX Library contains over 800 individual Zombie-like sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 192kHz presented on 60 tracks. Dixie makes the best noises when she is asleep dreaming or very tired and does not want to be bothered. Enjoy!

Note: The coupon codes are specific to each library and cannot be combined.
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