GunTales HD Pro Phase 1 Released!
GunTales HD Sound Effects Library

GunTales HD Pro SFX Phase 1 Released

Presenting GunTales HD Professional Sound Effects Collection, a one of a kind collection of firearms recorded for the simple purpose of capturing the “report” or “reverb tail” from the guns. Included are small caliber handguns, bolt action rifles (featuring the Barrett 50 BMG), a shotgun (with slugs) and a assault rifle. This is a Pre-Release “Beta 1.0″ which includes the first recording session on a 400 acre ranch in the mountains and was recorded from the side and rear of the six guns. The Beta 1.0 release includes the final mastered versions along with the source files for your processing pleasure.

The idea behind this collection came from the many gun sessions I have recorded here in North Idaho and I always thought that it would be really nice to record just the “report” from the gun firing. I have recorded many guns up close and personal and decided that it was time to record just the tickling of the air molecules bouncing around the beautiful remote locations here.

There are no close up sounds that capture the mechanics of the guns in this collection with the idea being you can add whatever close up sound that fits your needs. I also plan to produce this library in phases. Going out into the field and trying to capture all the guns can offer in one or two days would not fit what I had in mind for the “sound” of this library. Next up is the same guns from a different location and perspective.
Special Note: This Pre-Release version is available for a limited time only at this price (50% off) Phase 2 will be available sometime in April 2014 and will include the same guns recorded from a different location and from the front of the guns.
Release Date: March 17, 2014
BWAV Files: 36 (300")
Price: $75.00 (save $75.00)
Zip File Size(s): 1.5GB  - ZIP 1: 491.4MB (Mastered) – ZIP 2: 414MB (Source)
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