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     University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research [CHART]:

93% of Inc. 500 companies found success using online message boards in 2010, compared to 91% who found sucssess using them in 2009.

93% thought online video was a successful tactic compared to the 87% who thought so in 2009.

86% considered blogging successful, down slightly from the 88% who had succsess the previous year.

85% had success with Facebook in 2010, a huge jump from the 54% who had success a year earlier.

81% used Twitter successfully, practically the same percent (82%) who did in 2009.

75% thought their Foursquare efforts last year were a success and, of course, the service didn't exist in 2009.

71% thought their podcasting tactics were successful, down significantly from the 89% who were successful in 2009.

Poor, poor MySpace: Only 36% found success with the still-hanging-on network.

     THOUGHT: Don't be surprised that those klunky old message boards are yielding results for people. Web boards are often overlooked when shiny social media objects tend to blind us to more established venues but these forums can yield great results.

Message board users more often Boomers and Xers. But keep an eye out for message boards if you're targeting very niche audiences for whom there is scarce online content that fuels their passions. They tend to find one another in these spaces and form tight-knit communities. Technology- and sports-related boards tend to thrive, based on my experience. 

Take note, two, that the same percentage of Inc. 500 companies found the use of online video to be a successful tactic. Video reigns supreme as a content format, boys and girls. 

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WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY: Here in Minnesota, newly-elected Governor Mark Dayton delivered his State of the State address. [WATCH.]


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