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In 2010, 53% of social media marketing budgets were spent on Facebook.

17% were spent on MySpace.

8% were spent on games & apps.

3% were spent on location-based services.

3% were spent on Twitter

16% were spent on Other.

65% of the Global Fortune 100 companies use Twitter.

54% use Facebook Fan Pages.

50% have YouTube channels.

One third use corporate blogs

     THOUGHT: While an increasingly percentage of the corporate world is beginning to utilize these tools, most have yet to understand how to use them. From my observations, social channels are treated like TV, as a broadcast medium. 

And the information they're pushing (and that's the operative word, push) through them people could care less about. Here's my press release. Here's a quote from my CEO.Blah blah blah blah. 

I believe 2011 will be the year that companies come to grips with the fact that they need to be in the content creation business; I believe this will be the year they begin to seriously look at their ability to create content.

Google's recent high-profile "deranking" of JC Penny and Overstock for their SEO tactics will be an eye-opener for many companies and it will put the focus on the need to create quality content. 


FOLLOW FRIDAY:  Tunheim's own Executive Vice President Blois Olson (LinkedIn |Twitter | Morning Take) offers today's recommedation that everyone should followJeremy Lenz (LinkedIn | Twitter | Web) of the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota. 

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