Level 3 Criminology

Campaigners call for government stop prosecuting offenders as young as 10 |  Daily Mail Online

The Age of Criminal Responsibility

Task 1:
Read the following article - BBC News Responsible Child: Can a 10-year-old be a cold-blooded murderer? (by Serena Kutchinsky)

Choose a side-give your argument as to why this age is appropriate or inappropriate for criminal responsibility. Use the article to help. 

Research other children who have killed and try to add this research into your argument to validate it, as well as the points made in the article. Remember if you make a statement, you need to back up what you are saying with evidence you have gathered for it for example:

“By setting the age of criminal responsibility at 10, it allows flexibility in the addressing of offending behaviour by children, whilst allowing early intervention to help prevent further offending.”

Task 2:

Watch the TED talk – “Exploring the mind of a killer” with Jim Fallon  What are 5 key points of the talk that stood out to you?


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