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2014 Schedule

All lectures are held at the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center in Santa Rosa from 1:30 to 3:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

February 8
Social Myths, Mascots & Stereotypes

April 12
California Indians You Should Know

May 3
Native American Sports Heroes

Social Myths, Mascots & Stereotypes - This Saturday!

Anthropologists, historians, and the media sometimes market negative images of American Indians that perpetuate false ideas, images and misinformation. Around the world there are varying perceptions of who is an Indian. Many pictures and depictions of Indians have grown into hurtful and sometimes destructive stereotypes of historical and contemporary Indian lives. Because the topic of Native Americans has often been stereotypical, it has contributed to a general lack of understanding about the diversity of Native cultures.

This lecture will address the sources of American Indian stereotypes and provide ideas on how we can combat them in today’s world.


California Indians You Should Know

From Modoc leader Captain Jack to San Bernardino County Supervisor James Ramos, California has a rich history of individuals who are dedicated to protecting tribal peoples and homelands.  Presenters will discuss Native American leaders, cultural guardians and revolutionaries who have impacted the history California.  The general public often knows very little about these unsung heros, join us in exploring the experiences and contributions of California native historical and contemporary figures.

Native American Sports Heroes

Native American communities have produced many sports champions.  From track and field to ice skating, Native American youth have overcome tremendous challenges and (in the words of Hiram Thorpe) have "shown the world what Indians can do."
Join us in exploring the lives and experiences of Native American sports stars, from the late 19th century up to the present.  Learn more about both professional and amateur players, and their triumphs over the odds.  Presenters will discuss the important contributions these legendary individuals made in changing sports history and public misconceptions about Native Americans. 

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