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Hello, Joel
And as quickly as it's gone. Sergio Fuerte month is over. Now it's on to really important monthly observances.

For instance, April is Emotional Overeating Awareness Month, know...enjoy that bag of pizza rolls you've been saving. I hope you wrote Informed Women Month on your calendar in pencil, because I'm pretty sure Congress is getting rid of that this year. It's also Workplace Conflict Awareness Month, so shut the hell up, Matt Newton! It's National Multiple Birth Awareness Month, but I think those affected by multiple births are probably already aware on account of all the babies lying around and stuff.

In the face of all that...Sergio Fuerte Month seems perfectly legitimate. Maybe he can have two months this year...

OFB Calendar:

Thursday, March 29
Back to business with the first Thursday Blues Jam of the spring at The 411 Club. Local musicians means fresh blues for you. : 8:30 p.m. : $3 at the door
More information can be found on our semi-newly redeisgned website at

See you at the place,
Your Secret Weapon

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