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Sep 10, 2014 12:10 pm | (Clarke Green)

Here’s two relatively little-known Scout pioneering methods that are well worth investigating.


scout pioneering
This new (to me at least!) Scout pioneering technique originated with the Italian Scout Group Trento1. CatDrill combines classic pioneering  and froissartage (see below).  This technique uses smaller diameter wooden poles or branches and lighter cordage to make sturdy joints that can be used to build  a number of different projects.

The basic technique involves shaping a “diamond head” and corresponding “partridge eyes” (drilled holes) that are joined with light cordage (like paracord).

catdrill1catdrill one

These PDF directions are in English and should help you learn the various techniques involved in CatDrill.



froissartage1-filteredFroissartage (pronounced froy-sar-tage) is a Scout pioneering technique named for its creator Michel Froissart, District Commissioner of  Scouts France at Fontainebleau in the 1930s. Frioissart  adapted a number of traditional colloquial woodworking techniques to build semi-permanent camping furniture and structures.froiss3



These two PDF documents (In French, mes excuses, but a picture is worth a thousand words) explain the tools and techniques of Froissartage; froissartage1  froissartage2

froissbookFroissart’s book; Froissartage, grand jeu dans la nature, is still in print, but hard to find on this side of the Atlantic.

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