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LaunchBar 6 

20% off
Use coupon code: DT-SMILE-2014
Ends October 14th

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The Smile team recommends LaunchBar, a tool for more than just launching apps. For this offer we asked Philip to share why he feels LaunchBar is Smileworthy. We are happy to offer LaunchBar at 20% off until October 14th using coupon code DT-SMILE-2014.

"I've used LaunchBar for several years, and it's one of the first three apps I install on a new Mac. I love its keyboard-centric approach which makes it easy for me to find what I need with a few keypresses instead of moving my hand to the mouse. 

Thanks to LaunchBar my Dock is virtually empty. But beyond launching apps, I use it to speed to contacts, phone numbers, and web sites. One of my new favorite uses is for math, and I delight in the results display being huge and readable. Who needs a calculator any more?"

- Philip, Founder, Mac user for over a decade

Here’s some more about LaunchBar from the makers, Objective Development.

LaunchBar is a powerful productivity tool the provides fast access to your apps, documents, contacts, iTunes library, bookmarks and much more, just by entering short abbreviations of the searched item's name. It's an app launch, your digital assistant, a file manager a search tool, a clipboard and snipper manager, a jukebox, a calculator… or quite simply a tremendous time saver.

Whatever you want to accomplish on your Mac – with LaunchBar it is only a few keystrokes away!
20% off
  • Access applications, documents, bookmarks and more by typing short abbreviations.
  • Manage your events and reminders. Easily access and interact with your contacts.
  • Browse the file system, query file metadata and perform file operations in the twinkling of an eye.
  • Enjoy your beloved songs in iTunes.
  • Perform desktop or web searches and get instant feedback.
  • Install LaunchBar script-based actions and vastly extend LaunchBar to fit your needs.

Buy LaunchBar at 20% off for $23.20 by using the coupon code DT-SMILE-2014.
Ends Tuesday October 14th.

The Smile Team

PS. If you have questions about LaunchBar contact their support team

If you have questions for Smile, or about this offer, please contact us. Our support team is happy to help.

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