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California school district tramples parents
Alameda shows need to radically rescue children from immoral schools

Tuesday night, over the protests of parents, the Alameda Unified School Board voted to keep and recraft its "Lesson 9" homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality curriculum.

The Dec. 8 vote was 4-1 to "retain Lesson 9 until a replacement that specifically addresses all six of the 'protected classes' is...adopted by the board." Read the blow-by-blow account of the school board meeting.

This means the preying on children to indoctrinate them into the unnatural and unhealthy LGBTQ ("lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning") lifestyles is even worse now, and will become a more salable model for school districts near you. This is because Alameda school board members voted to hide the curriculum under a more expansive "anti-bullying" label that will continue to teach children that "LGBTQ" lifestyles are good, natural, and maybe even for them.

Alameda's attack on children and families comes a week after a judge, despite the arguments of pro-family attorneys, ruled that California law trumps a claim to parental rights in this situation. The judge ruled that parents cannot "opt out" their children from Alameda's pro-LGBTQ lifestyle curriculum. See the school district's triumphant Dec. 2 news release.


1. Any government school district can push homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality curriculum on students. There is no California state law prohibiting this. All pro-family efforts to protect kid's minds have been and will continue to be defeated in Democrat-controlled committees of the California Legislature. "LBGTQ-friendly" curriculum is already taught to kids in San Francisco and Oakland. Now, with Alameda on board, it can easily spread to other California school districts (most of which are controlled by liberals or uncourageous conservatives) under the cover of "anti-bullying" curriculum. (See actual video clips of homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality indoctrination in Massachusetts.)

2. California school districts are more likely than ever to trump parental rights with immoral education: In a 1995 speech, Barack Obama's "Safe Schools" project leader, homosexual activist Kevin Jennings, explained how he successfully imposed homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality indoctrination by packaging it as "safety." This deception has been crushing moral standards in California public schools for several years now. Despite many U.S. Supreme Court rulings upholding the inherent right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children, SaveCalifornia.com has witnessed, over the last decade, the California Legislature passing law after law that either limit or eliminate parental rights in public schools.

3. School districts are already permitting student clubs and campus activities promoting homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality to other children: Public schools can and do hold lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender "diversity day," "week" and "month." Public schools can and many do permit the pro-"LGBTQ" "Day of Silence" every April. Public school districts must permit "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs on high school and junior high campuses. We often hear other horror stories too.

4. Don't think this isn't happening your community? There are now 5 statewide California laws promoting homosexual, bisexual and transsexual lifestyles to children: Read what AB 537, SB 71, SB 777, AB 394 and SB 572 push on children as young as kindergarten.

5. Add to all this sexual indoctrination the other chronic problems of dumbed-down academics, terrible peer pressure, and anti-God political correctness in government schools.


It's hard to accept the fact that the schools most of us attended are no longer wholesome, and that while school buildings may be clean on the outside, they have been forever altered on the inside by bad laws and anti-family policies. It's heartbreaking to realize that children in California public schools can't escape from legislative mandates to indoctrinate them to support perverse lifestyles.

Let your shock, sadness and anger motivate you to rescue your children and grandchildren...save them from immoral "education" that will harm their minds, hearts, souls and bodies. By taking decisive action now, you can raise your sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, to be good and virtuous, a shining generation that is devoted to God, family and country. Now, isn't that what every parent desires?

Sadly, the reality is your children and grandchildren will be immorally socialized and indoctrinated if left in the government school system. But, thank God, there is a solution. You can rescue your child by choosing to homeschool or enrolling with a solid church school. Unlike in Germany, state and federal laws in the USA still allow parents to decide what's best for their children.

SOLUTION #1: Find out how homeschooling is better than ever for parents who are concerned about what public schools are doing to their children. There are homeschool plans that even allow working parents or single parents to effectively homeschool, thus providing character training, academic excellence, and positive socialization with other homeschooled children. Truly, homeschooling is the best love and best education you can give your child.
Discover how homeschooling can help your family. You can do it!
> See research demonstrating the benefit of homeschooling

SOLUTION #2: If homeschooling is truly not an option for parents or grandparents, the next best choice is solid, Bible-based church school. We recommend these kind of schools because their worldview is moral and protective of children.
Discover how you can afford church school
> Help a local pastor develop a low-cost church school

Visit RescueYourChild.com for solutions for your family

"Our home schooling journey has been wonderful, difficult at times, enlightening, sobering, and uplifting. I have learned so much about myself and my children. And our relationship with Jesus has become stronger through journey. I truly believe that God intends for parents to educate their own children, both academically and spiritually. Through the difficult times and the easy times, my family has been greatly blessed by God. I believe that it is due to our willingness to follow His will for our family. When we said "Yes" to home schooling the flood gates of blessings were opened."
Kristie's testimony at RescueYourChild.com

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