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Do you believe in parental rights

And do you believe doctors should respectfully provide you with complete information about the negative risks and possible harms (as well as the positive proofs and defined benefit) of any and all proposed medical treatments? This is necessary in order for you to give your informed consent.

If you answer "yes" to both questions, please join with to oppose eliminating parental rights on vaccines. We need you to stand with us for Truth!

No matter whether you think vaccines are good or bad, your personal help is needed to to defend both parents' rights and informed consent against the tyrannical onslaught by Democrats in the California State Legislature. This is a family-values issue!

Both Democrat and Republican lawmakers are already hearing from ignorant folks who apparently don't care if parents' rights and informed consent are swept away.

Please pick up the phone and call your state senator, state assemblymember, and Governor Brown's office. Leave a message, such as: "I want you to OPPOSE the bill eliminating parents' rights and informed consent for child vaccinations. Let fathers and mothers decide!" (Note: There isn't a bill number assigned yet).

Find your legislators' State Capitol phone numbers. Gov. Jerry Brown is at 916-445-2841. (Make your calls from 9am to 5pm).

Want to do more good? Call as many state senators and state assemblymembers as you can. Use's reliable information from expert doctors who explain how vaccinated children are the likely scientific cause of "outbreaks," not conscientious parents who choose not to inject their children with disease-causing microorganisms.
I don't agree with the forced vaccine program. Herd immunity is now shown to be a failure. Plastic vaccine immunity wanes with time, rendering possibly a whole generation of vaccine-abused people vulnerable to diseases their bodies might have difficulty handling as adults, while deranging their immune systems for life. Please look to vaccine failure BEFORE condemning moms who rightfully don't want to place their precious children in harm's way with Pharma's now discredited potions.
Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, California's "Father of Medical Freedom"
 See the Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety Form

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