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Protect marriage now: Tell Republican governors to obey constitution urges phone calls to sensitize on the actual law

You could be part of the solution to America's constitutional crisis on marriage licenses. 

In the last 16 years, 31 states have passed constitutional marriage amendments defining marriage as God created it, for one man and one woman.

But this year a handful of federal judges have opined that these state marriage amendments are somehow "unconstitutional." Yet in November, Republican governors were chosen to "faithfully execute" the real law in 31 states total. whole-heartedly agrees with Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, who writes, "There is one and only one short range solution to a runaway judiciary on the issue of sodomy-based marriage: a governor with the testosterone to stand up and just say no. Governors take an oath of office to uphold the federal constitution and the constitution of their own state. Any governor in any state with a marriage amendment as a part of his constitution has the right, nay, the duty, to refuse to comply with any judicial order to recognize same-sex marriage."

ACT TODAY: Please call the Republican governors in 31 states TODAY as well as Alaska's independent governor. Leave them a strong message: "Stop issuing homosexual 'marriage' licenses. You swore to defend the Constitution, not to defend judicial activists. You have the power and the duty to protect the constitutional vote of the people on marriage. I expect you to take action, not to be complacent and not to place judges above the written constitution."

Phone calls to these governor's offices are best. Emails have lesser value, but if you also send an email, you can include Fischer's article. And please share this alert with everyone you know, particularly if they live in any one of these 32 states.

See the states where voters have passed marriage amendments
See which states are doing homosexual "marriages" despite the constitution

Republican governors and governors-elect

ALABAMA Robert Bentley 334-242-7100 

ALASKA Bill Walker (conservative independent) 907-465-3500 or  

ARIZONA Doug Ducey (governor-elect) 602-753-8118 

ARKANSAS Asa Hutchison (governor-elect) 866-974-1654 

FLORIDA Rick Scott 850-717-9337 

GEORGIA Nathan Deal 404-656-1776 

IDAHO Bruce Otter 208-334-2100 

INDIANA Mike Pence 317-232-4567 

IOWA Terry Branstad 515-281-5211

ILLINOIS Bruce Rauner (governor-elect) (Note: Don't call, because the Illinois Legislature, not the courts, have imposed homosexual "marriages" here)

KANSAS Sam Brownback 785-296-3232 

LOUISIANA Bobby Jindal 225-342-7015  

MISSISSIPPI Phil Bryant 601-359-3150 

NORTH CAROLINA Pat McCrory 919-814-2000 

NORTH DAKOTA Jack Dalrymple 701-328-2200 

NEW JERSEY Chris Christie 609-292-6000 

MAINE Paul LePage (Note: Don't call, because Maine voters, not the courts, have imposed homosexual "marriages" here)

MARYLAND Larry Hogan (governor-elect) (Note: Don't call, because Maryland voters, not the courts, have imposed homosexual "marriages" here)

MASSACHUSETTS Charlie Baker (governor-elect) 617-254-2014

MICHIGAN Rick Snyder 517-373-3400 

NEBRASKA Pete Ricketts (governor-elect) 402-905-9669

NEVADA Brian Sandoval 775-684-5670 

NEW MEXICO Susana Martinez 505-476-2200 

OHIO John Kasich 614-466-3555 

OKLAHOMA Mary Fallin 405-521-2342

SOUTH CAROLINA Nikki Haley 803-734-2100 

SOUTH DAKOTA Dennis Dauggaard 605-773-3212 

TENNESSEE Bill Haslam 615-741-2001 

TEXAS Greg Abbott (governor-elect) 512-477-2002 

* Also call current Texas governor Rick Perry, who will be in office another month and a half 512-463-2000 

UTAH Gary Herbert 801-538-1000 

WISCONSIN Scott Walker 608-266-1212 

WYOMING Matt Mead 307-777-7434 
"A governor's oath is to defend the Constitution of both the federal government and his own state. Defending something by definition means protecting it when it is under attack, regardless of where that attack comes from -- even if the attack comes from a federal judge, a federal court, or the Supreme Court itself. Governors have been meekly capitulating to judicial tyranny, one after the other, and timidly abandoning their posts."
Bryan Fischer, "Time for a governor to stand up against judicial tyranny," Nov. 26, 2014

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