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Saturday 4 August, 2018
The importance of context

The importance of context

This is a great twitter thread regarding the tipping point in company size at which the context of why the company exists gets lost. It’s a super-informative thread with lots of tips, questions, and book recommendations for addressing this very common problem of scale. Thanks to @jessitron and @estherderby.

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Understanding feedback

Understanding feedback

This article from Stuart Hall provides a good framework for working with customer feedback. It’s written from a product point of view but could easily be translated to services. The important point is to think about the meaning behind the feedback, so you aren’t adjusting course based on assumptions.

By @appbotx

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The State of Community Management

The State of Community Management

The 2018 State of Community Management report is out and highlights the need for community management capabilities in the Knowledge Management mix. Here’s an excerpt:

“Community programs contribute across many functions (like marketing, customer support, knowledge management, and learning and development) simultaneously, regardless of where the community program resides in the organization. Community programs that fall within the customer service department, for example, provide benefits not only for marketing (91% of the time) and knowledge management (59% of the time), but also for the learning and development function (35% of the time). This dynamic is true for both internal and external communities and illustrates why communities are such powerful change agents.”
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The why of your community

The why of your community

Tying together the importance of context with the need for community, this is a really helpful resource for planning your community and communicating its purpose to stakeholders and members. ​

By @CommunityCanvas

Knowledge Tech Spotlight

BrightReps is an agent-focused customer support tool that integrates with common SaaS CRMs and support platforms, and is centred on streamlining process. While most emerging agent-side tech is giving much-needed attention to search and knowledge base automation, BrightReps is putting effort into making workflows better. Addressing this area is a boon to those with multi-step processes that may be dispersed throughout a platform, and perhaps even, across several. It not only acts as a kind of clickable process guide for the agent, it gives management insight into where process and resource bottlenecks are—which is something that often only gets surfaced by expensive consulting firms performing time and motion studies.
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