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Saturday 22 December, 2018
Knowledge Bird
Hi and Merry Christmas, <<First Name>>!

This is the final newsletter for 2018. We’ll be taking a break and coming back in January with some experiments to format and scheduling, so don’t be surprised if the newsletter looks different or turns up unexpectedly.

Travel safe over the holidays and if you’re kicking back with some longreads, let us know what’s inspired you. In the meantime, here’s the last handful of curated KM reads for the year.

Best wishes for a super 2019!
5 Brainstorming Exercises for Introverts

IDEO is a global design company that works to expose new perspectives when solving complex challenges. From earlier this year, this post offers some brainstorming ideas that work well for introverts. As an introvert, myself, it’s nice to know there are productive group activities that don’t require role play or exhaustive interaction. If you work with technical teams, it’s highly likely you’ll end up involved in a workshop with introverts at some stage, so even if you’re an extravert, these ideas will be useful tools to have in your kit.

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What are some inspirational quotes about learning or sharing knowledge?

The most prolific knowledge management expert I know is Stan Garfield. He’s just posted a list of inspiring knowledge management quotes that you can wheel out whenever you need to present on KM or persuade someone to love it. I often use the analogy of a candle flame. Sharing the flame from one candle to another doesn’t reduce the first; it creates two flames! It’s a good visual for people who fear a loss of power from sharing what they know. Bookmark this, so you can come back when you need something similar.

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Australian Information & Knowledge Management Benchmarking Survey 2018 - Results

Kye O’Donnell has posted survey results benchmarking information and knowledge management in Australia and New Zealand. It complements the career survey I have underway at the moment and provides some insight into what’s changed in knowledge manager sentiment since 2015.

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The mapping cheat sheet discussion as part of the 'levelling' session

This is a photo of a slide that Kaimar Karu took that shows the relationship between Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework and Simon Wardley’s Wardley Maps. When two great minds get together…

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