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Welcome to the 13th edition of the Pathways Newsletter.
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All About Us! Fundraising event
19th August 2013 – 26th September 2013
My Life My Way is delighted to be working to support the valuable work of the North West Training and Development Team and Pathways Associates CIC in the North West to support disabled children and adults and their families.
All About Us will be month long ‘event’ commencing on the 19th August 2013 during Learning Disability Week and ending with a finale gala dinner on the 26th September.
All About Us – what will we be doing?
a) Fundraising events - During the month of the event we will be supporting local advocacy organisations and individuals run a variety of fundraising events including sponsored events, coffee mornings etc. All of the funding generated through these local events we will use to fund places for that organisation at the important Regional Forum Conference which will be 25-27 February 2014.
b) Raffle - In addition we will be hosting a raffle for a variety of fabulous prizes which so far include –
  • A signed Manchester United Football Shirt
  • Bed and Breakfast at the Imperial in Blackpool
  • A signed Blackburn rovers Football Shirt and Ball
  • Bed and Breakfast at the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool.
Many more offers of prizes are still in the process of being confirmed; please let us know if you can assist us by offering a raffle prize.
Raffle tickets will be available from Cathy Gibson –                          
c)  Gala Dinner - Our finale to end the All About Us event will be Gala evening including 3 course meal with coffee and mints at the Hilton Hotel In Blackpool on 26th September 2013 – during the Illuminations. The evening will be hosted by the fabulously funny Laurence Clark – check out his material on You Tube  and will also include a disco. We will hold the raffle during the finale event.
Tickets cost £20 per head.
For more information or to order tickets please contact
The People’s Millions 2013 Launchs Across UK

Voluntary and community groups can apply now for grants of between £20,000 and £50,000 to support new projects that will improve the lives of people in their local community.

Running since 2005, the People’s Millions is an annual TV competition run by the Big Lottery Fund (BIG) and ITV which awards Lottery funding to community projects that improve the lives of local people.

Full details can be found on the People's Millions website.
Joint Committee Scrutinise Care and Support Bill

The Joint Committee scrutinising the draft Care and Support Bill published its report on 19th March 2013. In launching the report, Paul Burstow MP, Chair of the Joint Committee said:

"The government must take stock of its funding for adult care and support and think seriously about whether the transformation we all want to see can truly be delivered without greater resources."

The report includes some strong recommendations which VODG had called for in its written and verbal evidence.  These relate to: eligibility, advocacy and improving commissioning -through improved data collection and information on the local market - and quality issues.

The report and further details can be found

My grateful thanks to Caroline Hawkings, (VODG Senior Public Policy Advisor), for
producing this succinct commentary so swiftly.
Autism Strategy
Please see attached report, led by Julie Cheetham, into the NW Autism Strategy Self-Assessment.
Joint Strategic Needs Assessments: How well do they address the needs of people with learning disabilities?
Please find below a link to the IHAL report

The aim of the report is to examine the extent to which JSNAs that were current in 2012 addressed the health and wellbeing needs of people with learning disabilities, including children.
Learning Disability Partnership Board Reports
This report gives a national overview of what Learning Disability Partnership Boards said in their annual reports for 2011/12. 79% (122/154) of local partnership boards returned a report. These cover numbers of people known to local service, and issues relating to social care and healthcare.
Winterbourne View Update

Viv Cooper, Challenging Behaviour Foundation –
As you know, many of us have pressed for specific support for individuals who were at Winterbourne View and their families. I am pleased to confirm this has been agreed, with limited funding from DH. Respond will provide this support and the attached information explains this
The presentation attached below highlights characteristics of person centred safeguarding:
  • An outcomes approach
  • A range of responses that seek to reconcile circumstances or conflicting desired outcomes, and provide alternative supports.
Examples include: counselling, mediation, circles of support/family group conferencing, restorative justice, peer/survivor support
  • Aiming to achieve proof of concept, through ‘test beds’
  • Local areas where person centred safeguarding is developing are listed in the presentation.
Premature Deaths Inquiry

The Inquiry’s research team found that 37% of the deaths of people with a learning disability were considered avoidable. And compared with the general population, men with a learning disability died on average 13 years earlier, while women with a learning disability died 20 years earlier.
Overall, 22% of people with a learning disability looked at by the inquiry had died under the age of 50 – compared to just 9% of the general population.

The key recommendation from the inquiry team is for the establishment and funding of a National Learning Disability Mortality Review Body in England. This would allow for the continued collection of mortality data for people with a learning disability and investigation of the most serious cases.
Final Report Of The Independent Inquiry Into Care Provided By Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Published

The final report into the care provided by Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust was published today. The Inquiry Chairman, Robert Francis QC, concluded that patients were routinely neglected by a Trust that was preoccupied with cost cutting, targets and processes and which lost sight of its fundamental responsibility to provide safe care.

Robert Francis QC has made 18 recommendations for both the Trust and Government. His final report is based on evidence from over 900 patients and families who contacted the Inquiry with their views.

The evidence gathered by the Inquiry shows clearly that for many patients the most basic elements of care were neglected. Calls for help to use the bathroom were ignored and patients were left lying in soiled sheeting and sitting on commodes for hours, often feeling ashamed and afraid. Patients were left unwashed, at times for up to a month. Food and drinks were left out of the reach of patients and many were forced to rely on family members for help with feeding. Staff failed to make basic observations and pain relief was provided late or in some cases not at all. Patients were too often discharged before it was appropriate, only to have to be re-admitted shortly afterwards. The standards of hygiene were at times awful, with families forced to remove used bandages and dressings from public areas and clean toilets themselves for fear of catching infections.
Have you got an innovative project for the BBC?

The Association for Real Change was recently contacted by a documentary film-maker asking for help in identifying ground-breaking projects or ways of working with people with learning disabilities. They are trying to expand on the work they have done in the films made with Rosa Monckton on what it is like to be a mother of a daughter with a learning disability. They are looking for anything that may be perceived as pushing the boundaries in relation to learning disability. This could be around the areas of community, work, personal lives, how people are perceived, giving people a sense of purpose; anything innovative.If you think your organisation has something that the BBC would be interested in then please get in touch with us
01246 555 043.
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