Mingalaba Rice Bowl Mission's Newsletter #23
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Newsletter # 23

August 2015

Dear friends,


Thank you for your support with the Children's Home Emergency Relief Appeal. We are now half way through this appeal and have already raised over $4700.00, with one month to go we are well on our way to our target of $10,000. Thank you so much for your generous support. 

The Children's Home is still in need but these funds will go a long way in helping secure the well being of the children currently under it's care. We will keep you updated on any developments and plans the Children's Home makes in the coming months. 

If you would like to know more about this appeal click here or alternatively if you would like to donate specifically to this cause click here for instructions and please use the references "Children's Home". 

Thank you again for your support, both financial and in prayer. 

Trip in May

Myself, Margaret Dewse (Myanmar Oversight Group) and Phil King (Global Missions) visited our friends in Myanmar in May. For part of the time, Phil and I attended a round table discussion of global partners with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar which was set up by the Council of World Mission. This was an excellent opportunity to speak with those working in Myanmar and get some insight into the wider network of the PCM, what they are currently focused on and listening to their hopes, dreams and plans for the future. 

Margaret and I also took this opportunity to have various meetings with the Myanmar Project Committee and sub groups, visiting projects that Rice Bowl supports. We were able to talk in depth about our current project process, plan upcoming projects, learn about areas that should be prioritized and what needs there are on the ground. For me personally this was a very valuable trip as it allowed me to meet the people that I had been communicating with via e-mail. I appreciated the informal conversation and gaining a deeper understanding of the context of Myanmar and specifically the PCM. 

I came away from the trip feeling very positive about the partnership we have, and excited to see what we will continue to do in the future. We are planning a trip to Myanmar in February 2016, contact Joanne to express your interest.
Above: Rev. Ngul Khan Siam (Associate General Secretary), Joanne Wieland (Rice Bowl Co-ordinator), Margaret Dewse (MOG) and Rev Ling Zaw (General Secretary).
Flooding in Myanmar 

Myanmar has been hit by severe flooding in Kalay and the surrounding regions. The Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM) has visited the areas effected and they continue to offer their support. They have been informed by some of the Synods (Falam, Thlantlang, Tedim, Matuturam, Victoria Synod in the Chin hills) that the heavy rain has caused landslides across the towns of the Chin state. Here is an update from Rev Ling Zaw (General Secretary of the PCM):

"Most families have already been evacuated as their houses are in danger of collapsing. Many families are now staying in shelters that have been set up in schools, church halls and stadiums. PCM have prepared their General Assembly meeting room for them in Tahan where some families in Kalay are now staying.
There is no transportation between the Chin state and the plain area of towns, no electricity in the town of Kalay. Our Mission fields, Such as Palewah Mission field, a
nd Rakhine mission field also facing these problems.
The Kalay Council of Churches wrote a letter to the Kalay Churches to offer their help to the homeless in KalayMyo. 
We, the GA office write a letter to the PCM churches to help them in prayer today". 
We are in touch with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar and will continue to share any updates with you. In the meantime they have asked us to pray for with them for our brothers and sisters who have been effected by the flooding.
Project Updates 

During the trip in May, we will be able to discuss upcoming projects with the project committee and have successfully sent the funds to the PCM for the following projects:
  • Scholarship: Charles to complete his masters in IT. Charles will become a lecturer at the Tahan Theological College, heading up their IT department.
  • Development Project: PYGC youth training course of political/socio-economic issues. Myanmar has am election scheduled for November. The PCM felt very strongly about the need to educate it's young people so they can be active participants in the decision making of the country. 
  • Income generating project: Women's Tailoring course where they will learn sjills to become tailors and be able to set up small businesses in their own local areas.
  • Scholarship:A nurse who will then be serving at the Agape Clinic once her training is complete
  • Emergency Relief: Children's Home.
The Ricebowl Mission and the PCANZ can only do these things because of your generosity and your care for your brothers and sisters in Myanmar.

Thank you for your support.

Are you able to commit to supporting Rice Bowl with a weekly $5 donation? 

Please consider contributing the cost of a cup of coffee a week to the Rice Bowl Fund and with your help we will be able to support various projects (you can check out our donation form here).

The Rice Bowl fund focuses on income generating projects, scholarships, aid relief, development projects and mission support, all in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar.
To Invest in future projects please send donations to PCANZ Rice Bowl Fund with the
donation form.

Thank you very much for your generous donations and your continued support of our brothers and sisters in Myanmar.

Trips to Myanmar

Have you ever considered going to Myanmar? Rice Bowl is planning a trip for early February 2016. Would you like to be part of it? Fostering a relationship of mutual love and service between the people of the PCM and the people of the PCANZ is one of the primary objectives of the Rice Bowl Mission. One of the main ways that we actually do this is to meet one another in person.
Contact Joanne to express your interest and find out more details: myanmar@ricebowlmission.org.nz 

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