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First, our thanks to all of you who attended last week's Breakfast with an Angel, and a very big thank you to Jason Klein, our guest investor who stayed around till noon to speak with everyone.

Our next Breakfast with an Investor will be on November 20th and our guest investor will be Pedro Torres Picon, founder of Quotidian Ventures. More about him on the eventbrite page, and he is a very active early stage investor – and always has a great story to tell. Register here.

Every now and again, we attend a conference where there is a discussion/presentation about Millenials. The Digital Generation, which, it seems, has to be treated very differently. They think differently. They behave and react differently. And, on balance, they feel put upon because the ground shifted, globally, as soon as they came of age, and lucky for those non-Millenials among us: life on earth hasn’t changed since the dawn of the industrial age.
Dear Millenials,
We personally have nothing against you and have no axe to grind, and sorry that you’re all tossed into one bucket – that’s the way it goes, as with GenX, GenY, Boomers, whatever. See? You’re just like every other Gen who came before you.

But you’re tech literate. And have more to worry about, since kids do gossip, and you have a reputation to protect. On Instagram, facebook, snapchat, whatever. We had the phone. Same idea. Same behavior, too. Only the technology has been upgraded and the names changed to deceive the clueless.
We attended a conference this week and one of segment was on you all. There were videos, so a bunch of you spoke in your own words. The disconnect with you and working for certain companies: the company must have ethics and believe in social responsibility. All well and good, but then you go on to say that you’re being supported by your parents – which doesn’t stop you from collecting food stamps as well, so that you can afford that smoked salmon at Trader Joes. Your words, not ours. You seem to have a fairly loose definition of ethics, it would seem. What are your principles, and it’s just a question.
And being able to do a google search or post to Instagram does not make you tech-savvy. You’re merely a child of your times. Were our great grandmother to come back, we’d no doubt make her lunch. She’s probably hungry, so we’ll use the microwave.
And when she sees us program the microwave, she’d think we were a tech genius, too.
Heads up, and time to take life seriously. While you wait it out for that perfect job, you don’t seem to be paying much attention to that technology at which you are supposedly so literate. The robots are coming, and companies are stepping up the game, when it comes to machine learning. While you’re consumed with social responsibility (when you’re not otherwise busy on snapchat), those robots are about to sweep in and take over that career you might have had. Like they say, this ain’t no fooling around. (For the record, it’s from a song called Life During Wartime.)
Every generation is faced with its own unique challenges and has to step up to the plate and feels that they’ve been handed all of the world’s problems. That’s life. The world has changed - privacy is gone: so stop broadcasting your life over social media. Coopetition is fine, and we know that that was the way you were raised, on balance, but it doesn’t apply in the real world. Like every generation before you, once you graduate from high school or college, you’re on your own. You’re not a victim, although you are expected to show some signs of adulthood. And like every generation before you, you start in an entry level position – at the bottom of the totem pole.

For the record, and for those of us who remember the days of Web 1.0, you’re not the first generation that’s ‘computer savvy.’ So was Gen Y. Like you, they graduated and expected a corner office and expected the working world to bend to their will and needs. Like you, they were overly coddled and overpaid, even though they were working at startups that were living off the fumes and investors’ money. Much of what we were seeing (and hearing) then, we’re seeing and hearing now.
That was right before the bubble burst. The first time.
It didn’t work then. It’s not working now. Things do change, over time, but it takes time and work. That's just the way of the world, thanks for listening and have a nice day. Onward and forward.


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5th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Festival, applications now open.  January 21-22 at NYU, but you must apply now.

Blueprint Health, deadline on a rolling basis. Next session begins January 12th.

Thiel Fellowship, deadline January 15th. $100k over the two year program. You have to be a young ‘un. As Mark Twain said, ““I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

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That’s it from us this week.  Our next breakfast will be November 20th and our guest investor is Pedro Torres-Picon. And now, as always, help is on the way…

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Summary: Hiring Startup Engineer #1
Name: Anonymous, please respond to hello@startuponestop.com and we’ll forward your message
Looking for full stack web app developer to help this startup build out V1 of the product. A good part of the design is done (front end and back end) and we're using cutting edge tech (full stack JS: angular, d3, node, postgresql).

Looking for candidates that can convert to a full time founding engineer role and believes in the vision of the company (disrupting the retail analytics space). Must have experience with full stack web development and javascript
Specific Region: NYC
Compensation: Negotiable
Summary: Hiring accountants with startup experience
Name: Anonymous, please respond to hello@startuponestop.com and we’ll forward your message
We are an accounting firm whose clients include a number of startups. Full time accounts preferred.
Specific Region: NYC
Compensation: Market rate

Summary: R/GA Accelerator is Hiring Design Engineering Hackstars
The hardware and IoT Techstars accelerator - the R/GA Accelerator is now hiring contractors for the program that began October 20th.

Currently hiring Hackstars who have the technical skills to help the companies in the program do more faster. Are you an industrial designer, a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer? Do you want to work alongside ten of the leading IoT companies, with support from R/GA's technical, product and marketing teams and at one of the nation's top startup accelerators? Do you have what it takes?

Apply for one of the paid Hackstar positions, and less technical, but equally important, associate position at http://www.techstars.com/rga-accelerator-hiring-design-engineering-hackstars/

And If you have questions, you may ask Techstars - R/GA members in person, during the Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup / Gotham ( http://iotmu.com ) on October 2nd at Pivotal Labs.

Good luck!
Specific Region: NYC
Compensation: Market Rate

I Can Help

Summary: Award Winning UX Designer/Product Manager to Help Your Start-up

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It's not easy transforming a concept or MVP into a product or service that users love and share w/others. No worries... affordable help is here! Whether you're in the digital, physical, or digital+physical space, lets team-up to take a hard look at your product from a user's perspective, evaluate strong/weak points, remove the rough edges, and simplify/improve as needed. We'll test w/users and iterate until we get a beautiful user-centered design that is the buzz of your industry. Available short or long term. Lets talk.
Specific Region: No
Compensation: Negotiable

Summary: Startup Grind NYC hosts Alex Osterwalder (w/ special guest Bob Dorf), October 22nd
Name: Startup Grind NYC
Email: peter@startupgrind.com
Startup Grind NYC is hosting the launch of Alex Osterwalder's first new book since the global phenomenon "Business Model Generation." Hosted by Bob Dorf (co-author of the "Startup Owner's Manual"), this event includes a live remote Q&A with the authors (via Skype). You don’t want to miss the beginning of this next wave!

6:00 Networking w/ Food & Drinks
7:00 Author Q&A
8:00 Mix & Mingle

Be sure to ask your questions on Twitter with the hashtags: #VPDesign and #VPDNYC before and during the event.
Specific Region: NYC
Compensation: Market Rate

Summary: NJ Tech Meetup 53 with Guillaume Gauthereau, founder of Totsy/Sequoia Lab/Startup 101, October 23rd
Topic: Success, Happiness, & Life Purpose: How to Become a True Leader

6:45 (sharp!) - 7:15: Speed Networking
7:15 - 8:15: Welcome/Startups present
8:15 - 9:!5: Feature Speaker
9:15+: Closing remarks/head to Little Town (local bar) with food/drink specials
Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 6:45 pm
Howe Center - Stevens Institute of Technology
Bissinger Room (4th Floor)
Hoboken, NJ
Register here.


NOTE: we try not to include events that are sold out or wait lis

It’s Communications Week, and those events are all free.

Tuesday, October 21

New York Enterprise Sales Meetup, 6 pm, $10
Hardwired NYC #13, 6 pm, Free
Crowdfunding Networking, 7.30, Free
Wednesday, October 22
Wearable Wednesday NY - Wearables empower the Music/TV Star (and Audience), 6 pm, $15
Startup Grind NYC hosts Alex Osterwalder (w/ special guest Bob Dorf), 6.30, $20

Thursday, October 23
SwitchPitch NYC, 1.30-6.30, $96
21st Hardware Meetup, 5.45, Free
R/GA Accelerator Start-ups "Meet the Mentors" Mixer, 6 pm, Free
How to Raise Seed Capital, 6.30, Free
Women in Tech Speaker Series, with Rebecca Garcia is the Co-founder of CoderDojo NYC, a non-profit teaching youth to code, 6.30, Free
NJ Tech Meetup 53 w/ Guillaume Gauthereau founder Totsy/Sequoia Lab/Startup 101, 6.45, $8
Friday, October 24
Hardware Workshop – New York – 2014, October 23-24, $99 (includes meals)
Saturday, October 25
ERA Hackathon Fall, 10 am – Sunday, Free

Upcoming Events

Ingenuity Conference, October 27th, $varies
Cross Screen Advertising, October 28th, 8.30 am, $40

Orrick TOTAL ACCESS Panel Event: "Breaking Down the Series A", October 28, 5 pm, Free
Revolutionizing Healthcare with the Internet of Things (IoT), October 30, 6 pm, Free
2014 HallowMEME Costume Party: NYC, October 30th, 8.30 pm, Free
 NYXpo for Business, October 30th, Free
The Product Group November 2014, November 6th, 7 pm, Free

Engadget Expand NY 2014, November 7-8, Free
Roadmap to Entrepreneurship, November 8-9, SOS discount code: [onestop20]
Business & Entrepreneur Grade-A Networking Mixer, November 11th, 6 pm, $11


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