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Dear Friends,

We hope the holidays are treating you well and that you’re prepared for a prosperous 2013. As we close out 2012, each of us is looking back on our successes and failures to help us set personal and company goals for Planting Empowerment. It was a formative year for us, with some exciting milestones and challenges that we think will help us grow further in 2013. Below we provide some of the highlights from this year.

We want to thank everyone who invested this year, visited our projects in Panama, hosted events, or supported us in numerous other ways. While we’re encouraged about the growing momentum behind Planting Empowerment, we’re humbled at the work yet to be done. There are thousands of hectares of deforested land in the hands of communities who want to manage their resources more sustainably. And thousands of hectares of rainforest at risk of disappearing.

Our goal is to plant 20 hectares of tropical hardwoods in 2013, and to do so, we need to raise another $150,000. As you consider your financial, social, and environmental goals for next year, please consider investing in Planting Empowerment.

¡Un prospero año nuevo!

Chris, Andrew P., Damion, and Andrew W.
Planting Empowerment shareholders together with a community partner


in new capital raised to expand our projects in Darien, Panama. Hear from some of our shareholders »
Planting Empowerment employee Yin prunes a tree in Arimae


additional full time employee hired. Yin brings a wealth of experience managing forestry and agricultural projects. Learn about the important role our community partners play
Parrucci stands with a spiny cedar tree in Arimae


our separate holding companies into one fully integrated forestry company. This will allow us to transfer our US-based shareholders to a US incorporated company in 2013. More about this decision »
Liriano with a spiny cedar tree


mixed native species trees planted, including spanish cedar, mahogany, and rosewood. More about our mix of tropical hardwoods »


the Startup category of the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge out of more than 350 total entrants. The competition aimed to recognize innovative for-profit businesses with a positive impact on tropical forest diversity. Read the full update »
Plantains growing on stalks


revenues generated from the sale of plantains. Learn how agroforestry systems can strengthen food security and reduce tropical deforestation »


hectares of previously deforested land leased from our partner Arimae for our latest planting. More about Arimae »


hectares of plantains planted in between the rows of trees. Learn more in our latest update from the field »

Planting Empowerment

Planting Empowerment develops sustainable agroforestry projects in partnership with indigenous communities and smallholder farmers in Panama's Darien province. We grow plantains and several varieties of tropical tree species.
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