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LAND USE CHANGE:  Encroaching Suburbia. Even greater impact on land available for food, feed, fuel and fiber but who hears complaints about that? Instead, curses abound for increasing yields to make biofuels, or converting agricultural and forest residues for fuel production.  Go figure.

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ACORE Coordinates White Paper that Shows Problem with EPA Interpretation of RFS that Precludes Incrementally Processed Advanced Biofuels from Generating RINs and Suggests Remedies

The American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) submitted a white paper to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), calling for clarification of the agency’s interpretation of feedstock material within the definition of facility under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)  (see 40 CFR 80.1401).

Specifically, the definition of facility requires the production of advanced biofuel, from the delivery of feedstock material to production and final storage of the end product, to be completed at one location, controlled by the same person, in order for the fuel to qualify toward meeting the RFS goals.

The white paper was co-ordinated by Jeremay Shays of  ACORE, and co-authored by Advanced Biofuels USA and leaders of the advanced biofuels industry, who pre-process their feedstock away from final refineries making the final renewable fuel product ineligible for being counted as contributing to the goals of the RFS, due to EPA’s restrictive interpretation of feedstock material.

A South Texas Law Review article by Antoine Schellinger of IAG laid the foundation for these discussions.

The National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts (NAABB) used the graphic at the right to illustrate the general dynamic of processes they are researching with US Department of Energy funds, with conversion clearly occurring after transport of intermediates at a separate facility.

The paper concludes that through actions such as this supporting development of feedstock that are incrementally processed at multiple facilities, the Departments of Energy, Agriculture and Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration clearly anticipate that some processing will occur at locations other than the refinery which produces the final product; therefore, EPA should clarify that it understands, in the definition of facility, that  â€œfeedstock material” means whatever arrives at the final refining location for processing into a renewable fuel. 

Thus, feedstock material would include intermediates and pre-treated or pre-processed biomass, industrial sugars, chopped up grasses or oil extracted from algae, corn or seed crops. For alcohol-to-jet fuel, it could include ethanol or other alcohols. And so forth.

The paper also recommends that accountability for meeting renewable fuel qualifications rests with the end product refiner and compliance can be assured through pathway definitions, reporting, record-keeping, quality assurance programs and testing.

Thanks to Robert Kozak for his insights as Advanced Biofuels USA prepared contributions to this effort.
 READ MORE   Download policy paper

Read more about Federal Legislation and Federal Regulations on the Advanced Biofuels USA website.

Latest Federal Legislation Posts

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Odd Couple Asks EPA for Carbon Tax  May 18, 2015 – 12:55 pm | No Comment
by Zack Coleman (Washington Examiner) A riddle: A left-wing environmental organization and a free-market policy group enter the Environmental Protection Agency. What do they want?  A national carbon tax.   That’s what environmental group Friends of the Earth …

ABO Applauds Senators Manchin and Heitkamp on Introduction of Carbon Utilization Legislation  May 14, 2015 – 5:42 pm | No Comment
(Algae Biomass Organization)  Addition of just 12 words could accelerate pace of large scale, emissions reducing algae projects at fossil fired power plants — The Algae Biomass Organization (ABO), the trade association for the US algae …
Obama Administration Must Uphold Commitment to Biodiesel
May 14, 2015 – 4:56 pm | No Comment

by Anne Steckel (The Hill/National Biodiesel Board)  â€¦ Specifically, the Energy Independence and Security Act was passed by an overwhelming bipartisan majority in Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush because they all …

US Taxpayers Subsidising World’s Biggest Fossil Fuel Companies
May 12, 2015 – 12:32 pm | No Comment

by Damian Carrington and Harry Davies (The Guardian/   The world’s biggest and most profitable fossil fuel companies are receiving huge and rising subsidies from US taxpayers, a practice slammed as absurd by a presidential candidate given …

Joule, Audi Confirm Revolutionary Sunflow Fuel Meets US, EU Specs
May 11, 2015 – 11:27 am | No Comment

by Jim Lane (Biofuels Digest)  In Massachusetts, news arrives from Joule that the company’s CO2-recycled  ethanol meets US and European fuel specifications. No one is dying of surprise that they would do so, but  getting …

Strengthening The RFS For Next-Gen Biofuels
May 5, 2015 – 5:22 pm | No Comment

by Michael McAdams (Advanced Biofuels Association/Biomass Magazine)  There has been a great deal of conversation around the speech I recently gave at the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. I would like to further …

Washington Update: Carbon And Tax Policy
May 5, 2015 – 5:16 pm | No Comment

By Bob Cleaves (Biomass Magazine)  Biomass Power Association President Bob Cleaves discusses ongoing policy and regulatory discussions affecting the industry. …  In late March, we testified at the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board meeting to review the …

Scott Walker’s Stance on Ethanol Prompts Concerns
May 5, 2015 – 1:38 pm | No Comment

by Jason Stein  (Journal Sentinel)  As likely presidential candidate Scott Walker has shifted his position on a federal ethanol mandate, some of the fuel’s skeptics at home in Wisconsin are wary.
At an Iowa roundup for White …

It’s Time for EPA to Get the RFS Back on Track
May 4, 2015 – 12:26 pm | No Comment

by Brent Erickson (Biotechnology Industry Organization/Biofuels Digest)  â€¦ A new white paper by Harvard economist James Stock – a former member of the Obama administration’s Council of Economic Advisors – acknowledges as much. Unfortunately, the paper’s …

Regulations Could Hamper Biomass Project
April 30, 2015 – 8:07 pm | No Comment

by Brent Shrum (The Western News)  Libby is the top choice for a company looking to build a $46 million plant that would use new technology to turn forest debris into 5 million gallons of liquid …

Renewable Fuels Association Poll: Over Six in 10 Voters Support the RFS
April 28, 2015 – 1:18 pm | No Comment

(Morning Consult)  Morning Consult conducted a national poll on behalf of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). The survey of 2,047 registered voters took place from April 5-7, 2015. Results from the full survey have a …

Bill Aims to Alter RVO Process, Definition for Cellulosic Biofuel
April 24, 2015 – 5:06 pm | No Comment

by Erin Voegele (Ethanol Producer Magazine)  Sen. Jeff Flake, R, Ariz., has introduced legislation that aims to amend the renewable fuel standard (RFS) to require the cellulosic requirement to be based on actual production and …

American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) Ups Biofuels Presence at Policy Forum
April 24, 2015 – 1:39 pm | No Comment

by Joanne Ivancic* (Advanced Biofuels USA)  Over the past year, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) increased its work with the biofuels sector of renewable energy, upped its presence and activity at biofuels-related conferences …

As EPA Finalizes Rule, Klobuchar, Grassley, Durbin, Thune, Franken, and Kirk Lead Bipartisan Group of 37 Senators in Calling for a Strong Renewable Fuel Standard
April 24, 2015 – 10:16 am | No Comment

(Office of Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)) The Environmental Protection Agency is working to finalize the proposed rule on biofuels volume requirements under the Renewable Fuel Standard; the latest proposal would create uncertainty for biodiesel producers and …

Smith Introduces Legislation to Increase Fuel Options for Consumers
April 21, 2015 – 6:43 pm | No Comment

(Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE))  Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) introduced legislation today to broaden consumer fuel choice by expanding the existing waiver of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations related to the Reid vapor pressure of motor …

More Educational Opportunities

Let’s Talk About It: Biofuels — 2015 Summer Mondays: June 29, July 27 and August 31 — Frederick, MD

Advanced Biofuels USA executive director, Joanne Ivancic, will present a 3-part discussion series based on selected scholarly readings, at the Frederick County Public Library in Frederick, Maryland.

Open to the public, and part of the library's "Let's Talk about It" series, the guided discussion will cover questions like: What are Biofuels? How do we make them? How do we use them? Are they a good idea? Will they really help us transition to renewables from fossil fuels? What about sustainability?

They will explore feedstock options, learn about conversion technologies and discuss current local, regional, federal and international policy initiatives.

Ivancic will include information about various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) jobs and careers available to those interested in renewable fuels.  Her presentation, along with the outline and suggested readings, will be available online in the Biofuels Basics section of the Advanced Biofuels USA website.  READ MORE

Dan Quadros Shares Learning from Penn State's Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems 

Dan Quadros, a Research Scholar at the University of Florida from Brazil and volunteer correspondent at Advanced Biofuels USA, discovered the Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems at Pennsylvania State University while researching biofuels-related educational opportunities for Advanced Biofuels USA.

Eventually, he won a scholarship to the program, attended online and visited on-location at Penn State (integrated lab facility in photo below).  His article about how the program came to be and the resources on which it was founded includes an extensive interview with Dr. Dan Ciolkosz (pictured at left and above with Dan Quadros, on the  right), research and extension associate in Penn State’s Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, who coordinates the “On-Farm Bio-Based Energy Production and Use” initiative for Penn State Extension and serves as academic program coordinator for this online Inter-College Master’s degree program. In addition he is the education program lead for the NEWBio Northeast Bioenergy regional project.

One of the first revelations for Quadros was that when the subject was bioenergy education,  the problem is more complex to deal with than he had expected. "Bioenergy is a topic that involves many areas of knowledge. There are agricultural and biological sciences, chemical and mechanical engineering, physics, administration, economy, politics, regulations, among others."

To cover all these bases, developing the courses involved four colleges and eight departments.  The expertise they are developing at Penn State is reflected in this offering and in others that Quadros describes in the article.  READ MORE

On the Road

Atlantic Biomass and Advanced Biofuels USA Host Project Gaia Staff Visit

Harry Stokes, executive director and Hilary Landfried, project manager, at Project Gaia, visited Advanced Biofuels USA board member, Robert Kozak  (pictured at left; and Kozak showing feedstock samples below) and executive director, Joanne Ivancic at the Hood College, Frederick, Maryland labs of Atlantic Biomass to learn more about varieties of feedstock options and biomass conversion technologies that might be applicable in areas where Project Gaia works; and to discuss ways the organizations might collaborate to achieve mutual goals.

Project Gaia promotes use of clean cookstoves that are powered by alcohol fuels – fuels that are clean, safe, and efficient.  Their work in Haiti has been supported by POET donating two ship-loads of ethanol for use in stoves until a biorefinery can be established locally. Project Gaia's projects in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Brazil, Kenya and other places stress that an investment in clean energy makes a resounding impact on family health, empowers women and girls, reduces deforestation, and mitigates harmful environmental emissions.

As a consequence of the visit, Advanced Biofuels USA's 2014 summer intern, Olatomiwa Bifarin, discussed this work with his father, a PhD in Agricultural Economics who teaches in an Agricultural Institution in Ondo State, Nigeria.  Dr. Bifarin had heard of Project Gaia's work and, with his colleagues, started developing some proposals about replicating some of the cassava-bioethanol project.  Olatomiwa hopes to visit these projects on his visit home this summer before he begins his biofuels-related Ph.D. studies at the University of Georgia.
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Come See Us!

Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstock Conference — June 9-10, 2015 — New Orleans, LA

At Biofuels Digest's Advanced Bioeconomy Feedstock Conference, Joanne Ivancic will lead a panel presentation on the problem with the Environmental Protection Agency's current interpretation of "feedstock material" in the definition of "facility" in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), as described above.  You will find her presentation in the Biofuels Basics section of the Advanced Biofuels USA website after the conference.  READ MORE

Visit with Advanced Biofuels USA at EnergyPath 2015 NetZero

Advanced Biofuels USA executive director Joanne Ivancic will present "Biomass to Biofuels:  Current developments in truly renewable sustainable transportation fuels" at EnergyPath 2015's symposium July 23-24 in Scranton, PA, part of a week-long energy event (July 20-24).

A three-day pre-conference Energy Camp provides attendees a deeper understanding of sustainable energy technologies through a combination of classroom and "hands-on" training.  This year's topics are: Passive House, Biomass, Intro to Sustainable Energy, Micro Hydro, Solar PV and Wind.

Each year Sustainable Energy Fund and the Energypath program sponsors offer more than 150 scholarships to secondary educators, professors and college students.  Scholarships cover the cost of the conference, exposition, science fair, a pre-conference energy camp and Keynote Dinner.  Last year Advanced Biofuels USA intern, Olatomiwa Bifarin (pictured on the right with visitors to Advanced Biofuels USA 2014 booth) raved about the value of his experience at the full week of energy camp.  READ MORE

Upcoming Advanced Biofuels Conferences and  Activities: Details, Discounts, Deals

International Biomass Conference and Expo April 20-22, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

The 8th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo will take place April 20-22, 2015, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This dynamic event unites industry professionals from all sectors of the world’s interconnected biomass utilization industries—biobased power, thermal energy, fuels and chemicals.

Organized by BBI International and produced by Biomass Magazine, this event brings current and future producers of bioenergy and biobased products together with waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers. It’s a true one-stop shop – the world’s premier educational and networking junction for all biomass industries.  READ MORE

Alternative Clean Transportation Expo May 4-7, 2015 Dallas, TX

Dallas hosts the 2015 Alternative Clean Transportation “ACT” Expo. All weight classes and alternative fuel types are represented—electric, hybrid, hydrogen, natural gas, propane autogas, and renewable fuels—providing a one-stop shop for fleets to learn how to reduce costs and emissions.
  • Network with more than 4,000 clean transportation stakeholders
  • See hundreds of leading vehicle, fueling, and technology suppliers in the Expo Hall
  • Test drive dozens of advanced technology vehicles in the Ride & Drive
  • See real-world AFV projects at off-site tours in the Dallas area
  • Learn from peers in fleet-focused educational sessions   READ MORE

ISO DATAGRO New York Sugar & Ethanol Conference     May 13, 2015   New York, NY

Aiming to bring together the main representatives of the international community of producers, traders, brokers, investors, and from the financial market in general, the International Sugar Organization (ISO) and DATAGRO will held, on May 13th, 2015 the 9th edition of the ISO DATAGRO New York Sugar & Ethanol Conference. Consecrated as the official technical event of the New York Sugar Dinner, since its first edition, the Conference has become traditional on the global sugar and ethanol calendar.

The Conference has been increasing the number of participants by 20% every year. In 2014, gathered more than 400 leaders from 22 countries, in an intense day of lectures and debates with the most renowned specialists of the sugar and ethanol markets in the world. With simultaneous interpretation in English, Portuguese and Spanish, the Conference takes place at the elegant Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.   READ MORE

2015 China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit (BBS 2015) May 21st-22nd Shanghai, China

In the last five years, Bioenergy in China has achieved great progress. According to the 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015) on Bioenergy, by the end of 2015, China’s bioenergy production is estimated to exceed 50 million tons of standard coal. The plan has outlined the following targets: Biomass Electricity:13 million kilowatts capacity, Biogas Annual Utilization:22 billion cubic meters, Solid Biomass Fuel Annual Utilization: 10 million tons liquid Biofuels Annual Utilization: 5 million tons.

Hereby, bioenergy investment is expected to increase to 140 billion RMB with 100 billion annual sales turnover. All above creates a new group of bioenergy companies with strong technical force and large scale, forms a relatively complete system of biomass energy industry. Therefore, sustainable development and utilization of bioenergy brings the extensive concern of the industry.

BBS 2015 will be held on May 21st-22nd, 2015 in Shanghai, China. And BBS 2015 will continue to discuss the hot topics and newest trend of bioenergy and biomass.  READ MORE

Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo (FEW) June 1-4, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

Now in its 31st year, the FEW provides the global ethanol industry with cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. The FEW is the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world—and the only event powered by Ethanol Producer Magazine.

From its inception, the mission of the event has remained constant: The FEW delivers timely presentations with a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production – from quality control and yield maximization to regulatory compliance and fiscal management. The FEW is also the ethanol industry’s premier forum for unveiling new technologies and research findings. The program extensively covers cellulosic ethanol while remaining committed to optimizing existing grain ethanol operations.

The 2015 FEW program is segmented into four concurrent tracks:

Track 1: Production & Operations
Track 2: Leadership & Financial Management
Track 3: Coproducts & Product Diversification
Track 4: Cellulosic & Advanced Ethanol   READ MORE

European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) June 1-4, 2015 Vienna, Austria

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is a world class annual event which, since 1980, is held at different venues throughout Europe.

It is Europe's largest international conference focused on biomass combining a highly-respected international scientific conference with an industrial exhibition and gathers participants from research, industry, policy and business of biomass.

It highlights progress in research, technological development and production processes.

It brings together all key specialists to make it the most important international platform for dialogue between research, industry, research and industry, and policy in the biomass sector.

The EUBCE covers the entire value chain of biomass to conduct business, to network, and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations.

The EUBCE is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector, EUBIA - the European Biomass Industry Association, WCRE - the World Council for Renewable Energy and further organisations.

The Technical Programme is coordinated by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre.  READ MORE

Oleofuels 2015 June 10-11 Frankfurt, Germany

Oleofuels 2015 is the progression of ACI’s highly successful European Biodiesel series of events which ran from 2008-2013. The change of name reflects the fact that the event will now cover all fuels made from oils & fats including biodiesel, HVO & bio jet as well as take a more global view which is key especially when it comes to certain feedstocks.

The two day conference will bring together the leading executives and experts from across the entire value chain for two days of informative presentations, interactive discussion & excellent networking opportunities.

During the afternoon of Tuesday 9th June 2015, a limited number of conference attendees will receive the unique opportunity to attend a site visit to Bunge’s plant in Mannheim, about 45 minutes’ drive from Frankfurt.

Use discount code EAF8MKT when you register. Discount expires April 24.   READ MORE

Bioenergy 2015 June 23-25 Washington, DC

Bioenergy 2015, an event of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office, will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C., and June 23-24, 2015. The co-host is the Clean Energy Research & Education Foundation (CEREF) which is creating the Exhibition, Sponsorship and evening Reception.

Launched in 2008, the annual Biomass Conference brings together hundreds of diverse stakeholders, decision makers in the public and private sectors, and a variety of interdisciplinary experts. A range of topics are discussed, including the key issues facing the industry and the research and development solutions being deployed.   READ MORE 

REFF-Wall Street 2015 June 24-25 New York, NY

The Renewable Energy Finance Forum-Wall Street (REFF-Wall Street) is the premier renewable energy financing convening in the U.S.  Join top industry CEOs, and other senior company officials, lenders, investors, investment bankers, private equity investors, venture capitalists and other top transactional professionals in renewable energy finance. The event draws an especially senior audience, with a unique focus on high-level networking and deal-making. Whether you seek new contacts or need to close on financing for 2015, join us at REFF-Wall Street this year in NYC.  READ MORE

Sugar & Ethanol Summit – Brazil Day July 10, 2015   London, UK

From the successful editions of the Sugar & Ethanol Summit – Brazil Day organized since 2012, DATAGRO in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Permanent Representation of Brazil to the International Organizations in London, will promote the fourth edition of the event on July 18th, 2015. The event brings together guests of the highest level of the financial and trading communities of London and other European capitals to debate the opportunities and challenges of the sugar and ethanol sectors in Brazil and in the World.

For invitees only, the event is held at the elegant Institute of Directors (IOD), in Pall Mall, London. In 2014, gathered 154 participants from 10 countries from the production sectors and European financial and trading markets.  READ MORE

World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology July 19-22, 2015 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology is the world’s largest industrial biotechnology event for business leaders, investors, and policy makers in biofuels, biobased products, and renewable chemicals.

Who should attend? Industry and academic scientists; business executives, government policy makers, stakeholders, and investors.  READ MORE

EnergyPath 2015 — July 20-24 — Scranton, PA

Energypath 2015 has something for everyone: Learn about renewable technologies, energy efficiency techniques and start or expand your career in the energy industry with a crash course in sustainable energy.

Energypath is an ideal place to exhibit to an audience of diverse attendees including students, professors, industry professionals,  policy makers and energy users who are interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Learn about renewable technologies, energy efficiency techniques and start or expand your career in the energy industry with a crash course in sustainable energy.

Energypath is the region’s largest sustainable energy event attracting industry professionals, policymakers and academia throughout the region and across the United States. The goal of Energypath is to increase the knowledge of and passion for sustainable energy in the leaders of today and tomorrow.  READ MORE and MORE (LinkedIn)

International Conference and Exhibition on Biopolymers and Bioplastics August 10-12, 2015 San Francisco, CA

Biopolymers  and Bioplastics-2015 is the premier event which brings together a unique and International mix of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and Industry across the globe to discuss the current issues and to share the research idea in the arena of biotechnology, material science, environmental science ,nanotechnology , Chemistry  and other allied fields. The event includes interactive sessions, Key note speech, of Oral Presentation, Poster presentation, Scientific partnering, Exhibition etc.

Scope of the congress:
  • Green Chemicals : Biopolymers and Bioplastics
  • Bioplastics vs Conventional Plastics
  • Future and Scope for biopolymers and Bioplastics
  • Biorefineries and Industrial Biotechnology
  • Current Status on Biobased Materials and Biorefining
  • Biomass in Industrial development
  • Case Studies: Different Uses of Bioplastics
  • Ceramic Composites and Its Applications
  • Biodegradation, composting, environmental issues
  • Biocomposites
  • Biomacromolecules and biopolymers
  • Micro and Nano Blends based on Natural Polymers
  • Production of other biobased/biodegradable polymers  READ MORE

FENASUCRO    4TH DATAGRO CEISE BR Conference  August 25, 2015    Sertaozinho (SP)

Being the official technical opening event of the traditional technology and trade fair of the sugarcane industry, the FENASUCRO, the DATAGRO CEISE Br Conference happen in the same location of the fair in Sertaozinho (SP).  In 2014, overcame all expectations and the event brought together over 400 participants being, government officials, entrepreneurs, specialists, researchers, and representatives of the sugarcane industry that follow lectures of high technical content about the challenges and perspectives of the segments of sugar and ethanol in Brazil and in the World.   READ MORE

Sustainable Chemicals & Plastics Adoption & Applications Summit — September 1-3, 2015 — San Diego, CA

The Sustainable Chemicals & Plastics Adoption & Applications Summitt will bring Consumer Brand, OEM, Retail decision makers, together with leading Venture Capitalists, Financiers, Chemical Majors, Specialty, Bio-Based & Sustainable Chemical Companies to provide a detailed overview of the challenges they face in growing the Bio-Based economy and outline the path to commercialization. The event returns to California to showcase the business and investment wants and needs of downstream players and investors, while also outlining new opportunities for collaboration in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, light weighting, composites, adhesives, solvents, coatings and sealants.  READ MORE

Green Chemistry – 2015 September 14-16 FL

Green Chemistry-2015 takes immense pleasure to invite you all to be a part of this meeting which will focus on current trends and emerging issues in Green Chemistry. This OMICS Group International Conference desideratum is to render an intriguing forum and vibrant opportunity for researchers to share their original research results and practical experiences, at the same time absorb knowledge from works being done around the nooks of world. Apart from researchers, professors, biopharmaceutical industry practitioners, private and public investors, and students are also most welcome to get themselves inbuilt to the rays of novel happenings on Green Chemistry-2015 around the globe. The whole concept of this advanced technology is to agendize from past, analyze the present and implement for the future the latest innovative evolving theories and technologies to surpass the hurdles and make modish frontiers.

The major objective of the conference is to emphasize the importance of Green Chemistry, explore recent advancements, and research by making room to experts and researchers from around the globe.   READ MORE

15TH International DATAGRO Conference on Sugar & Ethanol September 21-22, 2015 São Paulo, Brazil

Besides being the official technical event of the Sugar and Ethanol Dinner in Sao Paulo, and in the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the International DATAGRO Conference on Sugar & Ethanol, DATAGRO reinforces its commitment of bringing together key leaders and representatives of the entire chain of the international sugar & ethanol industries to discuss market issues and sectorial strategies. The focus will be to continue to value the quality content, disseminate knowledge and new technologies, and stimulate the networking between participants.

In October 2014, the International Conference was attended by more than 650 participants, from 33 countries, 49 speakers and more than 70 supporting companies, which together shared their experiences in two days on how to overcome challenges and seize the opportunities available in the Brazilian and International markets.

Benefit from the 10% super early bird discount until April 17, register now! Visit the conference website and know more.  READ MORE

8th Biofuels International Conference September 22-24, 2015 Porto, Portugal

This year’s event is in association with biodiesel production equipment specialist IncBio. The company supplies biodiesel plants across Europe, incorporating some of the most advanced and efficient technologies in the world. On day one of the event delegates will get a chance to see this for themselves.

Day two and three will take a closer look at the issues affecting the market including biofuels policy, international biofuels trading, sustainability, solutions for first generation producers, progress in advanced biofuels and information on feedstock pricing and trends.  READ MORE

The Australian Bioenergy and Bioproducts Symposium (TABBS): Realising the Bioeconomy – It’s Hot in the Tropics! — October 12, 2015 — Brisbane, Australia

TABBS provides an excellent platform to ensure that the Bioeconomy is recognised as a key opportunity on economic development. Approximately 40% of the world’s population live in the Tropics; and globally, we are experiencing increasing demand for solutions that provide environmentally sustainable and healthy living conditions. How will we feed and fuel the world as the population rises and resources decrease?

In Queensland, and throughout the Tropics, businesses and research organisations have developed specialist skills and expertise to leverage the opportunities for Bioenergy and Bioproducts that the Tropics offer. Companies, investors, researchers, and policy makers must work to realise the full potential of the Tropical Bioeconomy, along with the opportunities and threats we are posed with, in order to sustainably develop and transition innovations from research to market and address global issues in an environmental, social and economical context.

Just as the Federal Government is developing a Northern Australia Strategy, TABBS 2015 will bring together key international industry stakeholders to explore the Bioeoncomy in the Tropics – Bioenergy and Bioproducts markets, trends, products and innovations on a global scale. TABBS 2015 will further investigate issues and opportunities around supply and demand, sustainability and industry regulation.  READ MORE

National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo October 26 – 28, 2015 Omaha, Nebraska

Produced by BBI International, this national event will feature the world of advanced biofuels and biobased chemicals—technology scale-up, project finance, policy, national markets and more—with a core focus on the industrial, petroleum and agribusiness alliances defining the national advanced biofuels industry.

Next Generation Fuels & Chemicals
With a vertically integrated program and audience, the National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo, now in its 4th year, is tailored for industry professionals engaged in producing, developing and deploying advanced biofuels, biobased platform chemicals, polymers and other renewable molecules that have the potential to meet or exceed the performance of petroleum-derived products.   READ MORE

PALMEX Indonesia 2015 October Medan, Indonesia

PALMEX Indonesia 2015 is a specialized Palm Oil event that demonstrate the latest technologies and developments in the palm oil industry.

PALMEX Indonesia 2015 brings together upstream and downstream palm oil companies and its supporting industries.  READ MORE

tcbiomass2015: Technology for the Bioeconomy November 2-5 Chicago, IL

Join the thermochemical bioenergy community and meet the experts that are shaping the world for tomorrow.

Don’t miss your chance to attend the 4th international conference on thermochemical biomass conversion science, tcbiomass2015; an event that gives you an in-depth look at all of the action taking place in this exciting field of bioenergy.

Each event, tcbiomass engages over 300 attendees, and brings together the world’s brightest minds in biomass pretreatment, gasification, pyrolysis, and upgrading. The biennial conference will take place 2-5 November 2015 at the Westin Chicago River North hotel in downtown Chicago, IL USA.

Developments in the conversion of renewable resources into a variety of fuels, chemicals and energy products is driving the emergence of an increasingly diverse and significant bioeconomy. READ MORE

Global Agribusiness Forum March 2016

The Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF), held every two years, is internationally recognized as the most important event of the agribusiness in the world. By encouraging debates between the most important leaders, authorities and specialists of the agribusiness, the event has been the platform to identify solutions for the challenges and opportunities for the agriculture and livestock across the globe.

In its last edition, the global agriculture and livestock chain was officially represented by 1,100 leaders and authorities from 43 countries, 129 partner organizations, which included the private sector, governments, associations, entities, universities, non-governmental organizations and communication vehicles. The GAF counted with the official support of the governments of Brazil, European Community, Canada, Cuba, France, Turkey, Singapore and the state governments of Manitoba, Ontario and Sao Paulo. With live transmission by Canal Rural and internet, GAF was watched by 36,000 spectators.

In March 2016, the GAF2016 will promote the debate of how to integrate producers and consumers, add value to production and increasing productivity, ensure the food supply to the world of constant transformation and growth. The results and proposals of the event, once again, will be compiled and published in an official document – The Agribusiness Consensus – that will be sent as a suggestion to authorities of the agriculture sector, and public policies makers of all over the world.  READ MORE

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