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Advanced Biofuels USA

Coming Advanced Biofuels Events (details at

  • January
  • Pacific West Biomass Conference & Trade Show January 10-12 Seattle, Washington
  • Algae Production Certification Program January 12 The Woodlands, TX
  • Algae Growing, Harvesting and Extraction Technologies January 13-14 The Woodlands, TX  
  • 8th Annual Tactical Power Sources Summit January 24-27 Arlington, VA  
  • Global Biofuels Summit 2011 January 26-27 Barcelona, Spain  
  • February
  • EUEC Energy and Environment Conference January 31-February 2 Phoenix, AZ
  • BioBased Chemicals Europe: Building the Value Chain February 8-10 2011 Milan, Italy  
  • Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuels Summit February 10-11 Chicago, IL (See below for info on Automatic Donation to Advanced Biofuels USA with your registration--no cost to you!)
  • Next Generation Biofuels February 15-17 London, UK  
  • National Farm Machinery Show February 16-19 Louisville, KY  
  •  National Ethanol Conference February 20-22 Phoenix, AZ
  • Industrial Biotech World 2011 February 22-24 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit February 28-March 2 National Harbor, MD  
  • March
  • Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology March 1-6, 2011 Singapore  
  • BioPro Expo March 14-16 Atlanta, GA
  • BioWise 2011 Summit And Exhibition – Biofuels From Lab To Finance March 14-15 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
  • World Biofuels Markets March 22-24 Rotterdam, Netherlands   9GE ((  GE
  • Argentina Clean Energy Congress March 29-30 Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • BioEnergy World Africa 2011 March 30-31 Johannesburg, South Africa  
  • April
  • BioBased Chemicals Asia April 14-15 Shanghai, China  
  • Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference April 19-21 Washington, DC  
  • World Conference of Bioenergy April 25-29 Dalian, China (See below for special discount offer and Automatic donation to Advanced Biofuels USA with your registration--no cost to you!)
  • European Algae Biomass 2011 April 27-28 London, UK  
  • May
  • International Biomass Conference & Expo May 2-5 St. Louis, MO  
  • June
  • 19th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition June 6-10, 2011 Berlin, Germany  
  • International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Expo June 27-30 Indianapolis, IN
  • September
  • International Biorefining Conference and Trade Show September 14-16, 2011 Houston, TX
  • October
  • 1st World Congress of Environmental Biotechnology-2011 October 19-22 Dalian, China
  • Low Carbon Earth Summit October 19-26, 2011 Dalian, China  

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    Happenings on Capitol Hill, at the White House and in Federal Agencies
    Senator Charles Grassley has again shown his "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" side, challenging those who would eliminate government investment in biofuels, derogatively referred to as "government subsidies," to eliminate subsidies to Big Oil and Big Gas, as well.  What's good for the goose, must be good for the gander, eh?  Senator Grassley reminded the Senate of their lack of support to Senator (Bernard) Sanders (I-Vt.). Sanders’ amendment which would have repealed the $35 billion in tax subsidies enjoyed by oil and gas.  Advanced Biofuels USA has been highlighting this philosophical inconsistency and has been posting articles and studies on this topic.  It's good to see our educational efforts, and those of others, have received the national attention they deserve.  No matter what happens in the lame duck session, we are sure that information about government subsidies for fossil fuels and biofuels will continue to be part of the debate.  LEARN MORE.

    Joanne Ivancic gained some valuable insights at the Cellulosic Biofuels Summit in Washington, DC in November, meeting with federal government officials as well as industry leaders.  Read her reports.

     .Advanced Biofuels USA will continue to make our staff personally available for journalists and Congressional staff to consult, educate and serve as a sounding board for brainstorming new thoughts. 

    If you would like to help your NEW and returning members of Congress, your NEW and returning Senators and your local public officials better understand advanced biofuels, we can help.  Just drop us an email ( or give us a call (301-644-1395)  and we will send you copies of "Advanced Biofuels: Your Guide to Sustasinable Energy Sources." This publication provides basic information about advanced biofuels' technologies and feedstocks with special sections on algae, bio-jetfuels and practical requirements for successful commercialization.  You can read an extended version of the publication in our Biofuels Basics section.   Do your part to help your elected officials and election candidates better understand the world and benefits of advanced biofuels.   Joanne Ivancic, Executive Director

    See more articles on Federal Agency activities and Federal Legislation.

    Green Racing 
    Advanced Biofuels USA Urges Advanced Biofuels Industry to Follow NASCAR/Growth Energy Lead by Way of American Le Mans Series
    Advanced Biofuels industry leaders should use the unique Green Racing focus of the American Le Mans Series to promote and advocate for the adoption of advanced biofuels according to Bob Kozak, Senior Green Racing Editor and founding board member of Advanced Biofuels USA in an opinion piece published December 5 on
    This week American corn growers, Growth Energy, and NASCAR came together to announce NASCAR’s decision to “go green” by using corn ethanol E15 in its Nextel Cup series in 2011. A small step for mankind perhaps, but it pales when compared to the testing and adoption of innovative green automotive technologies in the American Le Mans Series races where cellulosic E-85 is becoming the norm. 
    Kozak urges the advanced biofuels industry to emulate the moves of Growth Energy and American Ethanol and use automotive racing, which boasts the largest audience of any sport both in the US and worldwide, to educate the public on the benefits of American grown 2ndand 3rdgeneration non-food biofuels.
     Ford/Roush/Lola Eco-Boost Prototype Concept
    Buttressing his arguments with demographic statistics from a Nielsen survey conducted for ALMS, in addition to the cost-effectiveness of this approach, Kozak focuses on the enthusiasm of the ALMS audience for new technologies as they make their public debuts.
    For example, for ALMS fans,

    • Average household income held from 2008 to 2010 at $120,000/year, and
    • Fans in the 25-34 age group and 18-34 age group, the “Money Demographics” doubled from 2008 to 2010.

    The survey also found that ALMS fans wanted car manufacturers to be innovative and were willing to be early adopters.

    • 90% said it was important/very important for car manufacturers to develop technology through racing, and
    • A majority (52%) were willing to pay premium for that technology.

    Illustrated with photos of 2010’s stars, a PDF of the article is also available. 

    Projects Underway   Volunteers and Their Activities:   
    Volunteer Ed Hinde of Healthy Living Marketing led a group of volunteers developing a value proposition statement, a short description of what it is that we do.  Soon to appear on a new newsletter template, on our web site header and in other marketing materials, thanks to Karen Peacock of Peacock Art and Design:  Advanced Biofuels USA, an educational nonprofit organization advocates for the adoption of advanced biofuels as an energy security, economic development, military flexibility and climate change solution.

    Hood College Co-op student, Deedra Hanley-Mathis, is putting her marketing and business coursework into practice.  She is analysing our newsletter audience and our web site readership.  We are pleased that readers visit over 50,000 pages a week.  She has also started a spreadsheet that will provide more useful information about the over 400 companies we have listed in our "Companies Involved in Advanced Biofuels" page.  Soon you'll know where the company is located, what business it is in, what it produces, the technologies and feedstocks, etc.  Please let us know if we have missed someone.

    Education:   Keep an eye on our web site category "Education" and its subcategories such as "Education: Teacher Resources."  We'll share information about educational materials and projects as we hear about them.  If you have developed teaching materials or projects about biofuels and advanced biofuels that you are willing to share, please contact us at  

    Upcoming Advanced Biofuels Conferences and  Activities: Some Details 

    Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuels Summit 2011  February 10-11  Chicago, IL
    This is the only event exclusively focused on building partnerships and securing funding to deliver full scale commercialization in the municipal waste to biofuels industry.

    The Ground-breaking agenda addresses your most pressing challenges.

    • Expert tips to fast track your route to investment: Practical steps to make your operation attractive to investors.
    • Specific partnership sessions: Discover how to develop, maintain and maximize the key partnerships your business needs in this industry
    • Your roadmap to Government policy: Unmissable changes that will revolutionise your business plan.  
    • Harness the potential of MSW: Proven techniques to ensure that you effectively incorporate this low cost feedstock into your business model
    •  Build an effective supply Chain: Understand operations throughout the supply chain and find out how you can best incorporate your process suppliers
    • Plus
      • 120 + senior level attendees
      • Focused MSW to Biofuels Exhibition and trade event
      • Over 12 hours of dedicated networking time
      • Supported and endorsed by Biofuels Digest and Advanced Biofuels USA

      If you want to make MSW the feedstock for your future, then this is a meeting you simply can’t afford to miss! 
         W WWhen you register for this conference, REMEMBER TO MENTION ADVANCED BIOFUELS USA and the organizers will contribute $100 to this nonprofit organization.  Thanks very much for their generousity and yours!  READ MORE

    BioPro Expo  March 14-16   Atlanta, GA

    Sources of renewable energy are everywhere — from the forest and farm to food processing residue and the urban landscape. Still, many industries with access to valuable feedstocks have questions on how to best utilize them as an energy or fuel source.

    BioPro Expo™ is a unique new cross-industry event that explores existing and emerging ways for transitioning a variety of biomass feedstocks into energy and biofuel. At BioPro Expo, suppliers of agricultural, municipal and wood wastes, as well as producers of dedicated energy crops and food processing facilities, will find the practical answers they need for capitalizing on biomass resources.

    Using in-depth case studies and technical sessions from experts in multiple industries, along with a comprehensive tradeshow and hands-on technology interaction, BioPro Expo gives attendees the latest information for rapidly deploying bioenergy technology. By bringing together diverse communities ranging from forest, farm, and biorefinery operations to power companies and technology suppliers, BioPro Expo offers the most powerful professional networking experience in the bioenergy arena. Additional input from governmental agencies will supplement this experience with perspective on the rapidly changing regulatory and funding environment impacting renewable energy efforts.  READ MORE

    Biobased Chem Asia  April 14-15, 2011  Shanghai, China

    *Next Generation Biobased Building Blocks*

    “Building Synergies in Markets, Feedstocks and Technology”

    The biobased chemical industry is coming to shape as several start-ups achieve important milestones for commercialization, charging ahead despite of the challenges in technological acceptance, integration and funding. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2020, the biorefining sector can contribute USD230bn into the global economy, and biobased chemicals can increase their share of overall chemicals production to 9%.

    Hear Industry Experts talk about:

    • Development of Next Generation Biobased Building Blocks – Lactic Acid, Succinic Acid, 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid, Ethanol, Levulinic Acid, etc
    • Update on Biobased Chemical Projects in Asia
    • Economics, Business Model and New Supply Chain Development of Biobased Chemical Production
    • Innovations in Conversion Technologies and Application Development in Personal/Home Care, Packaging, Automotive, Coatings, Solvent, Pulp & Paper
    • View of Leading Chemical Companies on the Bio Value Chain
    •  Renewable Feedstock Sources and Availability  READ MORE

    R   READ MORE  RE 
    World Congress of Bioenergy   April 25-29   Dalian, China
         Subsribers to Advanced Biofuels USA Receive a 5% Discount Off Registration  PLUS Advanced Biofuels USA will receive 5% of registrations received from Advanced Biofuels USA Subscribers.  So remember to use CODE  BIT001001 when you register for this conference.   Thanks to the World Congress of Bioenergy for their support of Advanced Biofuels USA!

     WCBE-2011 aims to bring together industry leaders, professors, policy makers, investors, and researchers and provide a unique insight into evolving governmental policies, breakthrough technologies, major project updates and investment strategies for this multi-billion dollar sector. The event will draw specific attention to the use of renewable sources of energy and to cooperation between China and beyond through exhibitions, match making and expert sessions for specialists as well as seminars.
    8 Selected Tracks consisting of 55 sessions on Advances in Modern Bioenergy, 250-300 Oral Presentations from Authority, Governmental Decision Makers, Distinguished Scientists, Engineers, Industrial Executives and Investors, 50+ Exhibitors from leading biofuel industries and Entrepreneurs and Research Institutes, 100 Posters from both Industry and Academy, which ensures our WCBE-2011 to be the most lively and influential one.   READ MORE

    You Can Help, too!

    Currently, we are all volunteers.  We live all over the US and come from various corners of the world.  Please join us in whatever way YOU can.  See the Job Openings pages on our web site or just give us a call (301-644-1395) or send an email:  We can put together a way for your talents to help us achieve our mutual goals.  

    We also need funds!  Trying to figure out the perfect "green" gift?  Give "green" to us in honor or memory of others who care about preserving this Earth by donating to Advanced Biofuels USA for year-round "green" action. DONATE now!  We'll send a special card acknowledging your gift.

    You are welcome to host a fundraiser for us, too.  Let us know!

    If you have any questions or suggestions—or want to contribute to our success in any way, don’t hesitate to call 301-644-1395 or write to

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