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Thanksgiving View.  Call it ethanol feedstock (wine or fuel), biomass for heat and power or just a lovely view.  With thanks to all of you who support our work at Advanced Biofuels USA and for the work you do and your persistence.  What a wonderful group of people around the world! (Wine country in Virginia)

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Happenings on Capitol Hill, at the White House and in Federal Agencies

Advanced Biofuels USA Signs on to Flex-Fuel Letter to EPA 

Advanced Biofuels USA signed on to a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urging the agency to  adopt Volkswagen of America’s proposal for establishing the E85 weighting factor (“F factor”) for model year 2016-2025 dual fuel vehicles. The letter was signed by over 50 agricultural, conservation, clean city, public health and biofuel value chain partners who came together to stand up for the autos.

The letter explains that the guidance in the VW proposal “is critical to incentivize the continued production of flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) and to support the further advancement and deployment of biofuels into the nation’s liquid transportation fuel pool; fuels which are essential to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhancing air quality.”

It continues, “Providing enhanced incentives for FFVs would create parity with other alternative fuel vehicles and level the playing field for the sale of FFVs. It is therefore crucial that EPA provide the regulatory framework that encourages the continual introduction and expansion of FFVs as part of the overall advanced fuel vehicle technologies portfolio. FFVs will support the consumption of alternative transportation fuels in the marketplace and provide immediate GHG benefits. ... "

Thanks to 25 x '25 for organizing the letter collaboration and for leading continuing efforts on establishing a fair E85 weighting factor for dual fuel vehicles. READ MORE

On The Road

Advanced Biofuels USA Visits Villanova University

Advanced Biofuels USA executive director, Joanne Ivancic, enjoyed a wonderful day, talking from dawn ‘til dusk about the past, present and future of biofuels with faculty and students at Villanova University on November 7.

The visit grew from meeting Dr. Charles G. Coe, Research Associate Professor. Chemical Engineering (in photo at his lab), at the EnergyPath Conference and Expo during the summer.  He arranged the visit as part of the Villanova Center for the Advancement of Sustainability in Engineering’s activities.

In addition to presenting an overview of the past, present and future of biofuels for chemical engineering students (pictured above), she visited the used cooking oil biodiesel production facility with student, Brian Delancy (in photo), toured chemistry and chemical engineering labs, and talked with researchers about biofuels-related work.

Ivancic wrote in an article about the trip, "I was most impressed with the excitement about their work in this field that I felt as we talked and walked; and with the deep interest in and dedication to teaching above all.  We also spent a lot of time talking about sustainability, what it means and how to incorporate it into the life of the campus as a model for doing the same in the wider world."  Click here for details and more photos.

History of Biofuels, Bit by Bit

New Series of Articles:  History of Biofuels from a Variety of Perspectives

It would take an encyclopedia to explore the history of the development of biofuels.  At Advanced Biofuels USA, we have begun a series of articles that looks at this history from a variety of perspectives, to explore the history of biofuels bit by bit.

Our series began in September with Louisiana Entrepreneur Embodies Industry Switch from Emphasis on Biofuels to Bioproducts, about Louisiana's Troy Clark's (in photo at right) journey from Tulane University with a chemical engineering degree, through learning the ethanol distribution business to co-founding Golden Leaf Energy.  Using a unique process to convert trap grease into biodiesel, the business has evolved into providing lubrication products to the oil industry.  READ MORE

The latest installment follows the transition of Tennessee's biofuels initiative to the creation of Genera Energy and to transferring knowledge and technologies developed there to DuPont's soon-to-open biorefinery in Nevada, Iowa.  
This first of multiple parts, A View of Biofuels History in the US from the Mountains of Tennessee: An Interview with Genera Energy’s Dr. Sam Jackson (Part 1), (in photo at left) gives one first-person account of what happened after President George W. Bush said the word, "switchgrass" in his 2006 State of the Union address.  READ MORE

We anticipate another installment every month or so.

You can follow the whole series by clicking on the "history" subcategory in the Original Writing category on the right margin of our website,

Let us know if you have a special perspective on the history of advanced biofuels development that you would like to share. Write to or call 301-644-1395.

Future Events:  Come Visit Us!

Keystone Farm Show January 6-8, 2015 York, PA

For the fourth year, Advanced Biofuels USA exhibits at the Keystone Farm Show.  A great way to spend some cold winter days -- visting with and learning from full-time farmers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.
Come see us in booth H308 in Building 3 on the York Fairgrounds.  READ MORE

Upcoming Advanced Biofuels Conferences and  Activities: Details, Discounts, Deals

Renewable Energy Latin American & Caribbean Conference & Exhibition (RELACCx) November 20-21, 2014 Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Renewable Energy Latin America & Caribbean Conference & Exhibition (RELACCx, is the premier renewable energy finance and development event for Latin America and the Caribbean. This two-day conference will take an in-depth look at political and financial landscapes, prominent and emerging markets, and existing energy infrastructure to provide the audience with the tools needed to accelerate renewable energy development in these regions.

From new business models that encourage small-scale renewable energy deployment to financial mechanisms for utility-scale power plants, this conference addresses current challenges and opportunities from investor, project developer, policymaker, and regulatory perspectives. Learn from the successes of existing projects to better understand industry hurdles, and gain key insights from financial institutions to minimize risk and increase the viability of renewable energy projects in your country.
Use 20% discount code SPT20AB and REGISTER TODAY!

F.O. Licht’s Ethanol Latin America December 1-3, 2014   Panama Licht’s Ethanol Latin Amercia is a unique opportunity to network and hear from key industry players from a region that offers huge potential for expansion, trade and investment. Bringing together ethanol and biofuel producers, sugar millers, traders, technology companies, shipping and logistics companies and users of fuel, industrial and beverage ethanol – this event provides the insights and contacts you need to succeed in this region.

Featuring specialists in ethanol plant design and operation, this is a must-attend workshop to improve your knowledge on the fundamentals of ethanol production, identifying the key factors in maximising production efficiency and implementing new technologies and finding out how best to run your plant in a sustainable and profitable manner.   READ MORE

Lignofuels 2015 January 21-22   Madrid, Spain

On its 6th edition, this two day annual conference will once again bring together key industry stakeholders, from across the globe, to engage in interactive discussions as well as network with a variety of people. You will be joined by advanced biofuels companies, enzyme companies, biotechnology developers, chemical companies and many more.

Exclusive Site Visit
We also have the exciting opportunity to visit Abengoa Bioenergy’s W2B Demonstration Plant during the afternoon of Tuesday 20th January 2015 as part of the event. Only a limited number of attendees will have this opportunity.

The plant has capacity to treat 25,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) from which it will obtain up to 1.5 million liters of bioethanol, using technology developed by Abengoa to produce 2nd generation biofuels from MSW using a fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis treatment. During the transformation process, the organic matter is treated in various ways to produce organic fiber that is rich in cellulose and hemicellulose, which is subsequently converted into bioethanol.

Advanced Biofuels USA readers/subscribers are entitled to a discount on registration. For more information, full agenda or discounted registration please contact Dimitri Pavlyk on +44 (0)203 141 0627 or quoting EEF6D15.

Bio-Markets Asia – Biomass Supply Chain & BiofuelsWorld January 26-29, 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia

CMT's Bio-Markets Asia to be held in Jakarta is timely with the country's expected reforms in natural resources including energy and transportation fuels. Last October 2014, new electricity prices are announced with changes to fuel prices and subsidies set to be discussed soon.
These are indications of the new government's commitment to the biofuels mandate and encourage new foreign investments and partnership in the spectrum of power generation, biodiesel and bioethanol production and distribution in Indonesia.  READ MORE

4th Starch World January 29-30, 2015 Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

“Market forces and supply/demand balance for carbohydrates – potential for Cassava”
“Will starch based sweeteners beat sugar?”

Starch World is recognised as an important event for the industry and generally targeted at companies involved in Plantation,  Agriculture / Agro Industrial Crops, Fermentation, Enzymes Suppliers, Companies that uses starch & starch derivatives  â€“ food, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical industries, Starch manufacturers from various feedstocks including rice, cassava, corn, wheat, tapioca, financial institutions, Ethanol Producers, Fertiliser Cos, Sugar Plantations Co, Equipment & Technology suppliers.

Key Highlights:
  • Developments in starch-based sweeteners for Asia
  • – corn vs cassava feedstock
  • Growth of modified starch market in food and non food industry
  • New applications and value added products for food & white biotech industry
  • Opportunities for starch based ingredients in Asia’ growing halal market  READ MORE

6th Annual Next Generation Bio-Based and Sustainable Chemicals Summit February 3-5, 2015 New Orleans, LA

Infocast’s 6th Annual Next Generation Bio-Based and Sustainable Chemicals Summit debuts in New Orleans, LA, co-located with informEx for the first time to provide attendees with unparalleled networking capabilities  and access to exhibitors. Bio-based tech start-ups, brand owners, chemical majors, feedstock providers, financiers, strategic venture capitalists, OEMs and retailers from around the world will once again convene to explore bio-based chemicals as the answer to a number of market drivers. Speakers will provide a detailed overview of the most current developments the industry faces and map out a clear path of the road to commercialization. This high value networking Summit is globally recognized as the deal-making hub for the bio-based industry. We look forward to seeing you at the event our participants have praised as “The Premier Bio-Based Chemicals Conference in North America!”  READ MORE

AMI’s Green Polymer Chemistry 2015 March 18-19 Cologne, Germany

AMI’s Green Polymer Chemistry 2015 is the 4th edition of the international conference on sustainable synthesis of plastics and elastomers including materials currently available in the marketplace. The event will take place from 18-19 March 2014 at the Maritim Hotel, Cologne, Germany. The conference consists of a 2-day techno-economic programme alongside a focused exhibition with a networking evening cocktail reception on the 18th March for all delegates and speakers.
The Green Polymer Chemistry conference is an ideal forum for today’s market, as the polymer industry looks at alternatives to fossil feedstock to ensure a long-term future. The programme aims to cover: 
  • The latest developments in producing conventional polymers from sustainable sources, such as biorefineries, algae, waste and CO2.
  • What is the LCA and carbon footprint of the alternative sources, and is there competition with food and fuel?
  • Are there ”green” polymers that are commercially feasible in terms of price and availability for large brand owners
Green Polymer Chemistry 2015 offers high-level professional networking, for brand owners, environment and sustainability managers, business development and innovation professionals, chemical engineers, plastics manufacturers, agriculture specialists, biorefinery experts, biochemists, researchers and suppliers to the industry to debate sustainable, economic solutions for the polymer industry.  READ MORE

Sugarex Indonesia 2015 April 15-16 Surabaya, Indonesia

Sugarex Indonesia 2015 held only once every 2 years is Indonesia’s largest specialized sugar and bioethanol technology event that brings together an international congregation of sugar companies and also its supporting industries gathered in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia to showcase the latest developments in the world sugar and bioethanol industry.

Opportunities In The Indonesian Sugar Industry :
  • Indonesian Sugar Companies Looking For Upgrades of Machinery and tractors.
  • Indonesian Sugar Farmers on the look-out for latest harvesting tools and equipment. Including the latest planting methods, fertilizers and planting solutions.
  • Indonesian Sugar Mills Looking for parts and technology upgrades.
  • Indonesian Sugar Refineries looking for upgrades and maintenance solutions.
  • Indonesian Sugar companies exploring Biogas and Bioethanol technology potential.
  • Indonesian Sugar companies finding solutions for Wastewater treatment.  READ MORE

International Biomass Conference and Expo April 20-22, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

The 8th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo will take place April 20-22, 2015, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This dynamic event unites industry professionals from all sectors of the world’s interconnected biomass utilization industries—biobased power, thermal energy, fuels and chemicals.

Organized by BBI International and produced by Biomass Magazine, this event brings current and future producers of bioenergy and biobased products together with waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers. It’s a true one-stop shop – the world’s premier educational and networking junction for all biomass industries.  READ MORE

International Conference and Exhibition on Biopolymers and Bioplastics August 10-12, 2015 San Francisco, CA

Biopolymers  and Bioplastics-2015 is the premier event which brings together a unique and International mix of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and Industry across the globe to discuss the current issues and to share the research idea in the arena of biotechnology, material science, environmental science ,nanotechnology , Chemistry  and other allied fields. The event includes interactive sessions, Key note speech, of Oral Presentation, Poster presentation, Scientific partnering, Exhibition etc.

Scope of the congress:
  • Green Chemicals : Biopolymers and Bioplastics
  • Bioplastics vs Conventional Plastics
  • Future and Scope for biopolymers and Bioplastics
  • Biorefineries and Industrial Biotechnology
  • Current Status on Biobased Materials and Biorefining
  • Biomass in Industrial development
  • Case Studies: Different Uses of Bioplastics
  • Ceramic Composites and Its Applications
  • Biodegradation, composting, environmental issues
  • Biocomposites
  • Biomacromolecules and biopolymers
  • Micro and Nano Blends based on Natural Polymers
  • Production of other biobased/biodegradable polymers  READ MORE

PALMEX Indonesia 2015 October Medan, Indonesia

PALMEX Indonesia 2015 is a specialized Palm Oil event that demonstrate the latest technologies and developments in the palm oil industry.

PALMEX Indonesia 2015 brings together upstream and downstream palm oil companies and its supporting industries.  READ MORE

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