The 2018 photo contest winners and runner ups were announced at our annual meeting on June 10th at the Fairmont in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec in front of over 100 members of CSPI & CSSBI. The Photo contest judging is based upon the following criteria:
  • Relevance to the marketing goals of CSPI
  • The ability of the photo to tell its own story
  • The visual appeal of the photo
  • Unique name for the photo
Many of these photos are used in our bulletins, banners & project stories. I want to thank every member who participated in the contest. There were over 100 submissions from 6 different member companies.  Category winners receive a certificate and $100 Visa card and the overall winner receives $200. I would also like to thank our judges, Matt Lloyd of Glassroot Media, Bob Kennedy an independent writer, and Vicki McPhail of CSPI.

2018 Winners and Runner Ups:

Best Culvert
1st     Glenn Smith                    Armtec                      Kissing Cousins
2nd    Matt Field                        Atlantic                      Looking Out
3rd     Matt Field                        Atlantic                      Twins

Best Bridge
1st     Katarzyna Eltman            Viacon                       Bridge over Głomia river
2nd    Stephen Ryan                  Atlantic                      Doggy Brook Bridge
3rd     Matt Field                         Atlantic                      Open for Business

Best Underpass
1st     Katarzyna Eltman             Viacon                       Walking Paths
2nd    Robbert Kamphorst          Bergschenhoek         Buitenring Parkstad Limburg
3rd     Katarzyna Eltman             Viacon                       MIKO Race Track
Best Storm Sewer or Storm Water Management
No Entries
Best Rehabilitation
1st     Chris Padley                    Atlantic                      Stop Pulling
2nd    Chris Padley                    Atlantic                      Where are those Bolts
3rd     Doug Leitch                     Armtec                       Kilrenny Scotland
Best Caisson (vertical installation)
1st     Paul Proctor                      Atlantic                       Tranquil Support
2nd    Robert Leblanc                 Atlantic                      CSP Alternative to Piles
3rd     Jay Khan                          Armtec                       Dizzying View
Best Storage, Shelter, Utility or Ventilation Conduit
1st     Sebastien Gauthier           Atlantic                      Deep Cold
2nd    Julien Caissie                    Atlantic                      Stuck in the Middle
Best Creative Use of CSP
1st     Robbert Kamphorst           Bergschenhoek         Suffering Human Being
2nd    Kerry Shaver                     Frontier                      Angles Galore
3rd     Robert Leblanc                 Atlantic                       Working at the Cottage
Best Construction
1st     Paul Proctor                       Atlantic                      Skywalker
2nd    Syna Rasmussen               Armtec                      Wagon Required
3rd     Matt Field                           Atlantic                      Flying In

Best Wildlife
1st     Cheyanne Horneman         Frontier                     Wascally Wabbit
2nd    Terry Dunn                         Atlantic                      Can’t Wait to Fish
3rd     Terry Dunn                         Atlantic                      Bring on the Fish
Best Manufacturing/Product Detail Photo
1st     Terry Dunn                         Atlantic                      Pipe Sparks
2nd    Terry Dunn                         Atlantic                      CSP Nesting to Sleep
3rd     Terry Dunn                         Atlantic                      Busy Yard
Best Photo Overall
1st     Sebastien Gauthier            Atlantic                      Hard at Work
Best Public Photo Overall
1st     Dave Penny                       Fish Culverts             Gone Fishing
Congratulations to all.
The 2019 photo contest is open all year round with the ability to upload photos directly to the website from the home page. Click on Photo Contest and you are good to go. Please use Chrome, Edge, Firefox or a browser that is supported. Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft. Get involved. Best to you all, Ray.

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