2015 Newsletter 6: BIGGEST & BEST TEAM
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Gongride's Biggest & Best

$105,500 to go to reach $1million!

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Soft Cogs Ball Promo

Time to kick the tin 

And get yourself a free jersey

Just like Scotty Reid's receding hairline, we've shot right to the top!

For the first time, we're the
biggest team in this year's gongride! We've cracked the 100 mark - that's more riders than last year

So get the word out there to get some sponsorship - a big target of $120,000 this year. We'll need everyone to chip in to get us across the line.

Some top fundraisers to date - with Dr Marshall, Dunney and Rich Mallaby earning their way to a free Jersey... well done!

Richard Marshall  $1,100
David Faulks  $520
Nathan Robertson  $480
Phil Dunne  $430
Richard Mallaby  $395
Andrew Hodgson  $300
Rick McDonald  $300
Samara Schulz  $260
Amedeo Modellino  $250
Lester Ramos  $250
Tara Hungerford  $170
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Check out our Pro knicks/shorts!

The ladies come out winners...

Based on your feedback, we've gone to generic shorts and knicks from here on. 

Our new Pro-cut knicks look and feel awesome - and the ladies come out the winners here. 

The new bibs are lighter & more functional. The womens specific cuts to account for anatomic differences... Not exclusively for the ladies, some men carrying some man-cans can make use of the womens cuts too.

Check 'em out online, they even sport our Hunter Valley heritage on the back end.

See the Knicks

Accommodation... GOOONE!!

Told ya, didn't we???

For those who missed out, try booking into the dinner venue - the Southern Cross Hotel

For more info on the weekend, click the link below
Gongride Details Here

Don't leave your training to last minute, dust off your pushy today!
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