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All Your Logs In One Place
An enterprise tool doesn't need to feel like it was designed by enterprise tools. Take a tour of Papertrail and if you like what you see, make the most of Papertrail’s free plan. Just start logging.


Responsive Pixel Art
//essenmitsosse comments

Announcing SQL Server on Linux
//microsoft comments

AlphaGo beats Lee Sedol again in match 2 of 5
//gogameguru comments

We Hire the Best, Just Like Everyone Else
//codinghorror comments

Let’s ban elementary homework
//salon comments

How I could have hacked any Facebook account
//anandpraka comments

Mr. Fart’s Favorite Colors
//medium comments

//jacquesmattheij comments

//jacquesmattheij comments

What Makes Software Good?
//medium comments

#Ask HN

What are you working on and why is it awesome? Please include URL

Moving Out of Silicon Valley because of housing? Where to?

#Show HN

Proselint //proselint comments

Host your status page on GitHub //github comments

SeedRamp //seedramp comments

Hidden motors for road bikes //cyclingtips comments

Spotbot, a Slack bot that monitors your website for visual bugs //spotbot comments

First Preview of Android N: Developer APIs and Tools //android-developers comments

Google Posts //google comments

CSS3 art book for babies //github comments

Papier – Open a new tab and trap your best thoughts //getpapier comments

BankBotsBank – Open-source bots for API access to bank accounts //github comments


Go by Example //gobyexample comments

Leaf: Machine learning framework in Rust //github comments

Microsoft Cloud Design Patterns //microsoft comments

Data Structures in JavaScript //benoitvallon comments

NyaoVim: Web-enhanced Extensible Neovim Front End //github comments

I transformed my library into a Node and 100% coverage and Travis tutorial //github comments

Klassify – Redis Based Document Classification Service //github comments


Coffee Drip Printer //rit comments

Hamburgers //jonsuh comments


So, you want to learn bookkeeping //dwmbeancounter comments

Graph Databases 101 //cray comments

Image Processing 101 //recurse comments

Wuppertal Suspension Railway //wikipedia comments


If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly //chesterton comments

Paul Klee's Personal Notebooks Are Now Online, Presenting His Bauhaus Teachings //openculture comments

Ask HN: Book Recommendations? //ycombinator

Ray Tracing: The Next Week – free eBook //amazon comments

The Bike Wars Are Over, and the Bikes Won //nymag comments

The Best Textbooks on Every Subject //lesswrong comments


A look at the Technology behind the 4D Game Miegakure //youtube comments

Video Room 1000 – A video uploaded to YouTube 1,000 times //youtube comments


Is this c/10 spaceship known? //conwaylife comments

Is this prime? //isthisprime comments

Playing “Moneyball” on EA FIFA 16 //github comments

Bill Gates recreates high school photo for his AMA identity verification //imgur comments