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Grab a cup of coffee - a lot of great reads this week. kale


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G is for Google
//googleblog comments

Presumption of stupidity
//aaronkharris comments

Unix Toolbox
//cb comments

Relay Technical Preview
//github comments

Running three hours of Ruby tests in under three minutes
//stripe comments

Projects and Companies
//samaltman comments

The website is unknown – How DNS works
//howdns comments

Building the Next New York Times Recommendation Engine
//nytimes comments

What we learned from designing 200 pitch decks
//sketchdeck comments

The economics of a web-based book, year two
(Pollen, the Racket package to build this book, is interesting as well.)
//practicaltypography comments

#Show HN

Nvidia Digits DevBox //nvidia comments

Is it vulnerable? Drag-n-drop your Gemfile.lock to check //isitvulnerable comments

Gitfs - version controlled file system //presslabs comments

AWS S3 outage test from across the world //turbobytes comments

Find a home close to work //openlistings comments


Big List of Naughty Strings for testing user-input data //github comments

Ember.js 2.0 Released //emberjs comments

Squeak 5 is out //squeak comments


The Hamburger Menu Doesn't Work //deep comments

50 Design Documentaries Every Designer Should Watch //rrrepo comments


CS for All //hmc comments

The magic of the Kalman filter, in pictures //bzarg comments


Ask HN: Books with a high signal to noise ratio? //ycombinator

Books That Shaped America //loc comments


Beyond PEP 8 – Best practices for beautiful intelligible code //youtube comments

Crafting Icons //elischiff comments


Ferrolic //ferrolic comments

Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner //benjaminmillam comments