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Signs of Liquid Water Found on Surface of Mars, Study Says
//nytimes comments

How Chromium Works
//medium comments

The sky's gone dark
//antipope comments

The real anti-Facebook is good old email
//wired comments

Procedural City Generation in Python
//github comments

Let a thousand flowers bloom, then rip 999 of them out
//gigamonkeys comments

MathBox 2: PowerPoint Must Die
//acko comments

Building Analytics at 500px
//medium comments

Two HN Announcements
//ycombinator comments

Firefox 41 can screenshot a single DOM element
//mozilla comments

#Show HN

Dropbox has open-sourced Zulip //zulip comments

Otto, the successor to Vagrant //hashicorp comments

Amazon Flex //amazon comments

Google Nexus 5x and 6P //google comments

My 90's TV //my90stv comments

Shaky: ASCII Diagram to PNG //bushong comments

Gear Generator //geargenerator comments


Clipboard.js: Modern Copy to Clipboard //github comments

Utron: Go MVC framework for database-driven web apps //github comments

Chaos Engineering Upgraded //netflix comments

Emacs Artist Mode //cinsk comments

Gatsby – Static Site Generator with React and Webpack //github comments

Popmotion – JavaScript animation, physics and input tracking //popmotion comments


Introducing U.S. Web Design Standards //medium comments

The International Flag of Planet Earth //flagofplanetearth comments

Apple’s New San Francisco Fonts //medium comments


Sex, Circuits and Deep House //bunniestudios comments

Math Mistakes //mathmistakes comments

Kee Bird //wikipedia comments


A Puzzle Book That Drove England to Madness //hazlitt comments

Nix the Tricks: Math tricks defeat understanding //nixthetricks comments

Against Method //wikipedia comments


I spent a year making an electro-mechanical prototype of a liquid clock //hellorhei comments

Kotlin: A New Hope in a Java 6 Wasteland //realm comments

TempleOS: x86_64 HolyC Compiler/Assembler/Unassembler //youtube comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator

Evernote cuts 47 employees and shuts down 3 offices //evernote comments

Interview Questions for Hiring Top Performers //firstround comments


How We Uncovered the Real Identity Behind “Startup L. Jackson” //syrah comments

New Horizons: Pluto displays rippling terrain //bbc comments

Boeing publishes photos of 1960s stealth plane experiment //arstechnica comments