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Special thanks to Mandrill for sponsoring this week's issue and happy hacking! kale


If the Earth were 100 pixels wide
//distancetomars comments

Blink: A rendering engine for the Chromium project
//chromium comments

We call ourselves innovators, but most of us are really just iterators.
//evernote comments

Stop working so hard
//medium comments

Facebook Home
//facebook comments

The Jellyfish Entrepreneur
//priceonomics comments

An acquisition is always a failure
//pandodaily comments

Are Bitcoins The Future?
//priceonomics comments

Building Photoshop 1.0
//macgui comments

What technical reasons are there to have low maximum password lengths?
//stackexchange comments

Want to learn to code? Start here.
//zackshapiro comments


The Shirky Principle //kk comments

C.S. Lewis on Writing //lettersofnote comments

Git's avalanche //heinemeierhansson comments

#Show HN

An anonymous P2P social network for Android, written in Clojure //nightweb comments

HN Store //hnstore comments

YouFM - A new way to listen to music on Youtube //youfm comments

Codassium - WebRTC-based video chat and code editor for interviews //codassium comments


Helios //helios comments

Cap'n Proto, by the ex-maintainer of Protocol Buffers //github comments

Asm.js: The JavaScript Compile Target //ejohn comments

The OAuth Bible //github comments

Principles of Software Engineering, Part 1 //nathanmarz comments

Write Ruby API's with Poncho //thechangelog comments


Linux Netcat command – The swiss army knife of networking //mylinuxbook comments

tmux 1.8 Released //sourceforge comments


Show HN: Chardin.js, beautiful instructions for apps //github comments

Boston Subway Time-Scale Map //stonebrowndesign comments

Skycons: ten animated weather icons, generated by JS using the HTML5 canvas //github comments


A Personal Statement from Iain Banks //iain-banks comments

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way (online/ebook/paper versions available) //stevelosh comments

Douglas R. Hofstadter has a new book? //amazon comments

Bruce Schneier's next book: on power, security and the Internet //schneier comments

Computer Programming as an Art PDF [Knuth, 1974] //acm comments


4K gyro-stabilized aerial video of San Francisco //fstoppers comments

Curated video-lists worth geeking out about //hackertalks comments


Tell HN: "Who's Hiring" responders //ycombinator comments

Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator comments

Interns: Everything you need to know about a summer in the Bay Area in one place //internproject comments

My "Ember" Job Posting on Hacker News //github comments

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //ycombinator comments


Worst CAPTCHA Ever //svedic comments

Google Maps: “Treasure Map” mode //google comments

Kerbal Space Program - space flight simulator game //kerbalspaceprogram comments