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Lots to read this week. Enjoy! kale


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//zachholman comments

Announcing Starfighter
//kalzumeus comments

Goodbye MongoDB, Hello PostgreSQL
//olery comments

The Hiring Post
//sockpuppet comments

The Mighty Named Pipe
//vincebuffalo comments

How Betty, Who Is 89, Gets Her News
//github comments

Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know: Reservoir Sampling
//omniref comments

The joyless world of data-driven startups
//medium comments

Motion sensing using the doppler effect
//github comments

The adventures of Norway's most radical billionaire
//fortune comments

#Show HN

The new MacBook //apple comments

2015 Chromebook Pixel //google comments

A website that deletes itself once indexed by Google //github comments

JavaScript Acid Techno Machine //errozero comments

Paid, an API for invoicing //paidapi comments


Bidding farewell to Google Code //google-opensource comments

RuboCop – A Ruby static code analyzer //batsov comments

My Weird Ruby //awardwinningfjords comments

Bish – Shell scripting with a modern feel //github comments


Kid Automates Work, Is Fired, Hired Back, Automates Business //reddit comments

Why does NASA use gold foil on equipment and gold-coated visors? //stackexchange comments

An USB plug that goes both ways //yankodesign comments


Apple gold //leancrew comments

Number of legal 18x18 Go positions computed. One more to go //github comments

I Was a Guard in the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment //reddit comments


Kalman and Bayesian Filters in Python //ipython comments

Bill Watterson talks //washingtonpost comments

Author’s Note 119: Shameless Blegging //hpmor comments


How Air-Traffic Controllers Sound When They Have to Close the Airport //theatlantic comments

10+ Years of Rails with DHH //thechangelog comments

Hermit crabs line up by order of size to exchange shells //vimeo comments

Working Effectively with Unit Tests //fogcreek comments


USB Killer //kukuruku comments

USB Typewriter //usbtypewriter comments