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ipdata is an accurate and reliable IP Address Geolocation API that allows you to lookup the approximate location of any IP Address, detect proxies and identify a company from an IP Address. Trusted by 10,000+ customers. 5B+ API calls served.
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We Hacked Apple for 3 Months
//samcurry comments

Full-Bleed Layout Using CSS Grid
//joshwcomeau comments

Leaving Mozilla
//davidwalsh comments

How I remember what I learn
//vasilishynkarenka comments

Minecraft's “Pack.png” Seed Reversal Methodology
//google comments

OBS Studio 26.0
//github comments

How we built a $1M ARR SaaS startup
//canny comments

Won’t Subscribe
//tbray comments

What Working At Stripe Has Been Like
//kalzumeus comments

Tips for immersive video calls
//benkuhn comments

#Ask HN

What RSS Reader do you use?

Essential skill needed to be a programmer?

What is your trick to do deep work or study?

#Show HN

I made a site where you practice typing by retyping entire novels //typelit comments

Rotten Tomatoes-style platform for durable products //buyforlifeproducts comments

Android In a Box – Run Android applications on Linux //anbox comments

Plausible – Self-Hosted Google Analytics alternative //plausible comments

CLI plain-text notes & bookmarks with Git, sync, encryption, and more //github comments

Turn your “read later” folder into a physical book //ycombinator

A simple way to set goals you actually follow //hoanhan comments

Dial-a-Podcast //dialapodcast comments


DigitalOcean App Platform //digitalocean comments

Python 3.9 //python comments

Igel – A CLI tool to run machine learning without writing code //github comments

Stupid solutions: Live server push without JS //underjord comments

NestedText, a nice alternative to JSON, YAML, TOML //nestedtext comments


From its name to its drug interactions, there’s a lot going on with grapefruit //atlasobscura comments

Irish Court Says Subway Bread Is Too Sugary to Be Called 'Bread' //foodandwine comments

Alcoa 50k ton forging press //wikipedia comments


Principles of Data Oriented Programming //klipse comments

The Architecture of Open Source Applications //aosabook comments

Springer Released 65 Free Machine Learning, CS, Data Science, Web Dev Books //medium comments


PS5 Teardown //youtube comments

Raycasting engine in Factorio 1.0 (unmodded) //youtube comments

XB-1 Supersonic Rollout //boomsupersonic comments

What are Differential Equations and how do they work? //backreaction comments

Ask HN: What is your favorite YouTube channel to learn advanced programming? //ycombinator

James Gosling: Java, JVM, Emacs, and Computing History //youtube comments

I Put a Raspberry Pi in a Rocket //johnjonesfour comments


How tech workers at Kickstarter formed one of the only unions in the industry //kqed comments

Startup Hiring 101: A Founder's Guide //notion comments

Hiring for tech jobs has increased more than 100% in these Midwestern cities //purpose comments

Employee works for both Google and Facebook from home //twitter comments


100k Stars //chromeexperiments comments open-source base building game inspired by Factorio //shapez comments

Landemy – Futuristic sounds for work //netlify comments

Fully Open-Sourced Online MIDI Editor //vercel comments

Reverse Engineering a North Korean Sim City Game //digitalnk comments