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Bridge: The swiss army knife of Wordpress Themes.
100 unique demos, 24 layout concepts, endless possibilities. With Bridge you're bound to find a starting point for your project that inspires you, and all the tools you'll need to take you the rest of the way. //envato


Pixar in a Box – Khan Academy
//pixarinabox comments

The Problem with Problems
//000fff comments

Who Hacked Ashley Madison?
//krebsonsecurity comments

How to Onboard Software Engineers
//fogcreek comments

Startup Metrics
//a16z comments

A Salute to Solo Programmers
//mondaynote comments

An example Python machine learning notebook for newcomers
//github comments

A collection of debugging stories
//github comments

//samgentle comments

A Word Is Worth a Thousand Vectors
//stitchfix comments

#Show HN

Siderly – Get remote work with your side project //siderly comments

Robot that copies artist's exact strokes to replicate a painting in 3D //instapainting comments

Flarum – Delightfully simple open-source forum software //flarum comments

Traceroute //mit comments

Ear training using midi.js //tonedear comments

Amazon Underground //amazon comments

WordSafety – Check a name for unwanted meanings in foreign languages //wordsafety comments


Rei – Process lists easily //github comments

Unix command line queue utility //github comments

GitHub: Scaling on Ruby, with a nomadic tech team //medium comments

C# 6.0: An Introduction //booker comments

A heads up display for git //github comments

Hackpad source code //github comments

Haskell for Mac //haskellformac comments


What’s New in Bootstrap 4 //scotch comments

Elemental UI for React.js //elemental-ui comments

Writ – Opinionated, classless styles for semantic HTML //cmcenroe comments


An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory //ribbonfarm comments

Gray Code //wikipedia comments


Literary Magazines for Socialists Funded by the CIA, Ranked //theawl comments

Linux-insides: Introduction to system calls //github comments


Prenav "hello world" drone drawing cubes inside a building //prenav comments

Mr. Wizard, Television's Original Science Guy //smithsonianmag comments

YouTube Gaming //youtube comments

Let Vim Do the Typing //youtube comments

Learn Scala in one video //youtube comments


The Best Jobs Now Require You to Be a People Person //fivethirtyeight comments

Why Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs //wsj comments

You really don’t need to work so much //newyorker comments


Exploring the Hacker Tools of Mr. Robot //hackertarget comments

A Russian Family Was Isolated for 40 Years, Unaware of WWII //smithsonianmag comments

Photos at Microsoft Corp in 1979 //sound-photo comments

Vim on a Mechanical Typewriter //github comments