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I decided to make a graphics card for my Amiga 2000
//github comments

The AAduino
//kanflo comments

Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services
//freedom-to-tinker comments

GitLab Partners with DigitalOcean to make CI more affordable
//gitlab comments

Curing Our Slack Addiction
//agilebits comments

Over $700k selling a premium mobile game
//reddit comments

Lesser-Known Python Data Analysis Libraries
//github comments

Backing up 18 years in 8 hours
//chromakode comments

Why aren’t we using SSH for everything?
//medium comments

Open-Source Recycling
//preciousplastic comments

The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch
//arstechnica comments

#Ask HN

Describe your first enterprise sale

Can't concentrate to focus, until it's last minute or later

Best linux laptop right now?

How did you learn about stocks and the market?

#Show HN

Browse Hacker News Like a Haxor //github comments, a community news site for never-funded bootstrappers //barnacl comments

I made a Hacker News for podcasts //podcastrank comments

Deepjazz: AI-generated 'jazz' //github comments

FIND – an indoor positioning system for smartphones and laptops //github comments

Kestrel Computer Project //github comments

Simple Postcard – Send a photo postcard from a text message //thesimplepostcard comments


Git Tips //alexkras comments

Clojure, the Good Parts //rasterize comments

React Native: A year in review //facebook comments

System Design Interview Cheatsheet //github comments

Managing dotfiles with GNU Stow //taihen comments

Pycraft: Minecraft engine in Python //github comments

BedquiltDB – A Mongo-like JSON doc store built on Postgres //github comments

Test your JavaScript modules simultaneously in 32 different versions of Node.js //github comments


Brutalist Websites //brutalistwebsites comments

BootStrap 4 cheatsheet //hackerthemes comments

The First Roman Fonts //ilovetypography comments

Flexbox Patterns: Build user interfaces with CSS flexbox //flexboxpatterns comments


Inuit Cartography: Wooden Coastline Maps That Fit in a Mitten //decolonialatlas comments

Angel Problem //wikipedia comments


Street-Fighting Mathematics //mit comments

Skiena's Algorithms Video Lectures //algorist comments


Google has started a video series on machine learning and I can understand it //youtube comments

8-Bit and '8 Bitish' Graphics //gdcvault comments

Magic Leap: A New Morning //youtube comments

Development of an onboard application in Clojure for the Boeing 737 Max //youtube comments


Open Source Project – View 689 Salaries Posted on Hacker News, Share Yours //step comments

The Advantage of Abundant Thinking //firstround comments


The engineer’s engineer: Computer industry luminaries salute Dave Cutler //microsoft comments

Stopping All Stations – The Pyongyang Metro //earthnutshell comments

The Real Story of How Amazon Built the Echo //bloomberg comments


What Dwarf Fortress Taught Me About Startups //opsee comments

Snakes on a Hyperplane – A multiplayer 3D Snake game //tinyurl comments

Draw a map and let it be colored – Four color theorem demo //kleemans comments