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Hello all! This issue marks the four year anniversary for Hacker Newsletter. I can't thank you enough for making this possible, and especially want to call out the 2052 of you that have been here since the first year. To celebrate, I thought we could do something different and fundraise for my favorite tool of all time - Vim. There are tons of great projects that I could of picked, but Vim always seemed to be in front of me. Next year we'll pick a different one.

MailChimp, this week's awesome sponsor and the company that has made it possible to send 208 of these issues out, has also graciously agreed to match every donation. Check out this simple Fundly page and give it some love (and maybe share it). I'm seeding it with $500 to start it off and we'll see what 27,000 awesome subscribers can do. :)

Thanks! -Kale

* Oh, and I double-checked with Bram before doing this and he was excited. The fundly page will be up for two weeks. If you have any questions just hit reply.


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