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#1 in Hybrid Cloud Management
Kellogg Company leverages ScienceLogic’s leading hybrid IT management solution to increase service levels on a globally distributed infrastructure. Click here to learn how your organization can too.


YC Research
//ycombinator comments

Losing Sight
//tink comments

A Guide to Fast Page Loads
//nateberkopec comments

Image diffing using CSS
//franklinta comments

One founder, zero staff, making $1.2M in monthly recurring revenue
//startupdaily comments

To Master Vim, Use It Like Language
//danielmiessler comments

Developing with Docker at IFTTT
//medium comments

#Show HN

Nylas N1 – extensible open-source mail client //nylas comments

Cancel your Comcast in 5 minutes //airpaperinc comments

Amazon Snowball //amazon comments

Reddit Presents: Upvoted //upvoted comments

Download any song without knowing its name //iyask comments

Dtab – Spreadsheet for Data Science //dtab comments

World map of the difference between solar and clock time //poormansmath comments

PICO-8 //lexaloffle comments

Noteslate //noteslate comments – Simple project management for your GitHub issues //zube comments


New Windows 10 Devices From Microsoft //windows comments

Staffpad: a new class of notation app //staffpad comments

Microsoft Surface Book //microsoft comments

Microsoft’s Very Good Day //newyorker comments

Microsoft is Dead (2007) //paulgraham comments


Free Lossless Image Format //flif comments

Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0 (and //pigdog comments

A cartoon guide to Flux //medium comments

YouTransfer – Self-hosted file sharing //youtransfer comments

Writing a fuzzy receipt parser in Python //trivago comments


I'm Google – chains of visually similar images and videos in Google (2011) //dinakelberman comments

Web Fonts Collateral Damage of Ad Blockers //miranj comments


Machine Learning for Developers //github comments

Agloe, New York //wikipedia comments

Curated list of speech and natural language processing resources //github comments


Haunted by Data //idlewords comments

Memory and C++ Debugging at Electronic Arts //youtube comments

Alan Kay: Power of Simplicity //youtube comments

Y Combinator's Altman: What I Worry About in Business //bloomberg comments


I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 //craigslist comments

100M games played //lichess comments

How the World's Most Difficult Bouldering Problems Get Made //outsideonline comments

Wright Magazine – 80s and 90s gaming implemented from scratch //kesiev comments